Genuflecting and Getting Mowed Down

I have a question about trying to genuflect or bow as we leave our pews at the end of Mass.

I am not physically able to move very fast and so when I try to leave the pew, it is hard to either try to genuflect or bow because people are literally running over you to get out the door. Tonight when I bowed I almost hit a fellow in the stomach with my head as he was rushing to get out. Very embarrassing:eek:

Now, at the morning school Mass which I attend the principal has the classes leave and they genuflect in their pews before they do. Would that be a solution for me?

This wasn’t a problem before when I was able to move quicker.

Your thought…or advice. I appreciate it very much.


Why don’t you simply stay and pray for a few minutes after Mass and let the crowd dissipate before you try to leave? If you’re at the end of the pew, you can step out and let the others go before returning to your place to pray. Works for me - then the parking lot congestion is also relieved before you get to the car.


Hi Blyss,

I dislike that rush almost as much as I hate the parking lot after Mass! My solution is to sit in the middle of a pew so I can loiter a few minutes after Mass and leave after the crowd.

Har, two of us posted this at the same time. :slight_smile:


Did the man apologize or just stare at you haha? I think people have forgot about doing what you do when you leave. Ive seen the same. The funny part about this is when people mow you down they realise what they are doing and instead of apologizing they either try to squeeze by or they will stop and stare at you with a blank frustration till you move. haha:eek:

You all had some very good replies and solutions. Why didn’t I think of those…LOL:)

Thank you for your responses…


Actually, I apologized to him…I guess i felt I had to do something as he was giving me a dirty look.:rolleyes:

And…I also think he was frustrated a little too…


haha typical. It is funny how many years you think that people been genuflecting doing the sign of the cross toward the tabernacle how many decades…centurys? The part that also makes me laugh because I am sure people did the same thing to a person that was doing the same thing you were with those same looks. :smiley:

Sometimes it is like being a fish swimming upstream. I tend to either wait until the majority of people from the forward pews have already left or very purposely stand exit still facing toward the tabernacle and then genuflect.

Remember, the first person out of the parking lot wins the race.

(Yes I am being sarcastic)

When my family attends our TLM parish (link at the end) we have no problem.

However it is a big problem at our geographical parish where we sometimes out of necessity must attend. People stare at us like we’re wierd or something- even get wierd looks when we bless ourselves with the holy water also on the way out!

It is even worse when we attend another local parish in our area that has perpetual adoration- when we do a double genuflection due to the Blessed Sacrament exposed.

When I went to school the nuns made us genuflect when we were lined up outside the church before we went in, and then again after Mass was over in the pew.


when this clod mows you down, you whap him on the knee and say hey, I’m genuflecting here, do you mind.

sitting and waiting for the pew to clear is no solution, they are so peeved at you being in the way that they tromp on your feet. God forbid you should kneel down to say the rosary after Mass, they will call the ushers to haul you out bodily. they ought to color code the pews so there could be a red section for us slow movers, and the ones in a rush to get to the parking lot could sit in the green section. maybe they could install a people mover to get them out faster so the rest of us can enjoy a little peace and silence after Mass.

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
Now that’s the ticket! Let’s work on that, we could all be rich! :stuck_out_tongue:
I do understand what you’re saying. Now that I’m very very pregnant, I don’t move so fast either! And yes, I have been known to ‘block traffic’. I figure if no one else in there is going to show respect to the Lord in the tabernacle, then I need to do it all the more. That, and to show a good example to my kids. They genuflect. Too bad adults won’t.

Same problem at our church but God watches over potential martyers (keep up the good fight), keep your handbag in the shield position and remember the congregation will not be happy if you are knocked over and cause a pile up…:thumbsup:

Thanks for all the good replies. You have made me smile and made me laugh. Now, when I genuflect and someone tries to mow me down, I will keep your thoughts in the back of my mind…LOL:thumbsup:


So anyone that got mowed down lasting the end of mass wave for genuflection able to now without bieng mowed ?

My wife and I always are the last to depart. We remain sitting or kneeling to offer out Thanksgiving to our Lord. We just received the Lord of Lord’s, King of King’s, what is the rush? It also makes it easier to avoid the mad rush in the parking lot.

I have never had that happen. Unless my knee is really hurting, I genuflect in the aisle. Of course, at 275lbs, it could be dangerous for the other person to try to bowl me over.:o

Yes, this happens to me a lot too. I get out into the aisle and go down on my knee for a relatively slow genuflection (it’s the Lord, why rush?) and there are people in front of me.

I actually sometimes move over and find a spot where I can kneel so that I can face the tabernacle and not be genuflecting right toward some person’s stomach!!

And don’t get me started on genuflecting for reception of the Eucharist!!!

I had this happen to me also. Now I try to stay for about five minutes after the Mass is over and pray. Then when I leave, I am able to genuflect and not get mown down. At least the people rushing madly out of the Mass stayed till the end. Unfortunately, many people receive Holy Communion, then march right out the door without staying for the post-Communion prayer and the blessing from the priest. :nope: :banghead:

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