Genuine Genesis: Adam & Woman, Noah & Naamah

God created Adam, the first man, out of the stuff of the Earth. When people weren’t aware of chemistry, this could not be objectively verified. Now we know that this description of man’s constituent elements is scientifically valid. Check yourself. Are you too jaded to see this is a “hit” for God’s verity and the Bible’s validity?

God put Adam under anesthesia, a deep sleep. That correlates with modern medical praxis, unknown of old. From Adam’s tissue, God cloned Woman. That’s cutting edge science. And from the literal language of the Bible, God refined Woman, gene-tweaked the clone. Genetic modification is sophisticated science. These Genesis records alone should awe modern minds not muddied by fantasy, cynicism or indifference.

The Genesis specs for Noah’s Ark are highly sophisticated, absolutely unprecedented in ancient texts. Our grasp may be hindered by translation, and our understanding of what is hiding in plain sight. KPR, translated as “gopher” shows the use of volcanic ash, tephra, in a coating of mineralized asphalt. This bitumen coating is so tough it was used on wind generators in the Arctic, and is used on critical roofing today. The box dimensions are not a fixed shape but cubic footage as any naval architect would know, just as a 22 cubic foot refrigerator is not a cube.

Noah and his wife, theorized to be Naamah, and their three boys and their wives, constitute the basis for all the ancient “gods” and “goddesses.” Did you get that? Our ancient history has been hijacked by atheist academics and their refusal to connect the dots for the public. Scholars keep it under their hat, for example, that Mesopotamian flood king Zeusudra/Xiusudra is the basis for Zeus. Zeus is just one of the many names for Noah.

These Ark-onauts were transmogrified in art, that most plastic, most mutable of historic mediums. Follow the art. Noah went from “man with animal pairs” to “animal-man” and the later drunken Satyr, and Bacchus, and the cloven-hooved red devil. This is a far cry from his original persona. Be reminded Jesus says, “Beware of Satan appearing as an Angel of Light,” not the red devil.

Mrs. Noah became first a highly honored ancestor as the second “mother of all living,” then a saint prayed to for help, then a mother goddess, Venus rising from the sea foam. From woman-with-animal pairs she ended up as Diana, hunter of animals.

The Deluge is recorded worldwide. Ancient king lists have the same ten patriarchs as Genesis, all ending with the king who ruled at the time of the Flood. This doesn’t inspire a similar reveltion to Euhemerus, who realized the gods of old were revered historical personages?

Ancients were not subsumed in 21st century fantasy. They were not imaginative in that respect. They held on to imagery whether they understood it or not, just as we still say the Sun rises even though we know astral mechanics. So powerful was the Adam & Woman/Eve, and Noah & Naamah influence that we have legal, architectural and cultural artifacts extant in universal use in everyday life, not the least of which is marriage. Genesis is genuine. “May the Lord enlighten the eyes of our hearts.”

It’s a natural formation. Except there is a nearby mountain valley full of huge anchor stones with precisely machined holes all the same size. And no ocean. This fits with the high concept, low tech specifications God gave for Noah’s Ark.

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