Geo or Helio Centrism?


It was hypothesized in another thread that perhaps several people here believe Geocentrism. Well, I’m not convinced personally, and it’s not a major issue for me at this time. But I think it would be cool to be a really strong believer in something that so few people even take seriously (granted, it’s true, and not false of course).

Like, be at a science show where there’s a model of our solar system, and you bust out in a serious discussion about how it’s wrong, it should have the sun revolving around the earth, not the earth around the sun, and be able to explain why. That would be pretty cool!!

But this is just a poll, I thought it would be interesting to know.


Perhaps a Moderator would remove this post. This was a mistake, and should be (and is) attached to the Poll of the same title. Sorry!!


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