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Is the shape of the earth part of God’s plan or the result of man’s fall and the curse on Adam?

For example:
The unfair distribution of natural resources (wood, coal, metals, oil, drinking water, rainfall, good soil) between one geographical area and another.

Earthquakes and volcanoes, tectonic shifting, differences of heat and cold resulting in droughts and tropical storms.

It seems that some areas of the world are almost designed to put people at a disadvantage compared to others. For example, while some geographical areas, such as Great Britain and China, have very obvious and easily defended borders, making for centuries of peace and stability, other areas, in particular the Middle East, seem almost naturally predisposed to war because of the spread of geographical resources and lack of easily defended borders.

Isaias talks of the valleys being raised up and the mountains laid low before the coming of the Day of the Lord. Can we assume that this is literal as well as allegorical? Will God’s perfect world no longer have any hills from which the masters of the earth have always built fortresses to defend themselves and subdue the peoples living on lower ground? Then again, if that happens, that means none of the striking natural beauty of Mount Everest or the Grand Canyon.

Was the whole world a garden before Adam’s fall? If so, does that mean that, again, there were no mountains, no deserts, no islands or volcanos or weather patterns?

This seems like a bit of a dilemma. On the one hand, if God created the world to have whole areas that were basically a bear-pit for the fighting of endless tribal wars, and other areas barely inhabitable because of the natural conditions, that seems to imply that He didn’t create the best of all possible worlds.

On the other hand, if God didn’t create it that way, that would seem to imply that mountains, volcanoes, deserts, etc. are the consequence of sin. It’s hard to look upon the majesty of the Matterhorn or the waves breaking off the cliffs of Dover and think that these were the consequence of fallen humanity, and shouldn’t really be there in a perfect world.

Is there a way through this?

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