"Geologists claim stats, science prove Jesus buried in Jerusalem with wife and supposed son"

I came across these two articles, one from the Daily Mail, the other The Jerusalem Post. They claim there is an ossuariy found with Jesus buried with a wife and son.

I’m assuming there is not a lot of truth to this, as I would surely have heard it being flaunted as a ‘lol Jesus had a wife/didn’t die on cross’. Is anyone knowledgeable on this area? :slight_smile:

The old Talpiot tomb controversy, I gather?

You might wanna start with this. ntweblog.blogspot.jp/2013/09/simcha-jacobovici-and-talpiot-tomb-again.html :wink:

Not every John Smith is Doctor Who, and there are plenty of people named Dylan who aren’t the one in the Mabinogion.

“Jesus” or “Yehoshua” was one of the most common names in Roman Judea and Galilee. Other common names were Miriam/Maria, Joseph, Judas/Judah, Hannah/Anna, Simeon/Simon, Yonah/Jonas, etc…

So yeah, the ossuary was probably not authentic and there are tons of signs of forgery.

But even if it had been authentic, it wouldn’t have proved anything but that some guy was named Yehoshua.

Thanks for your reply. Could you expand on the BIB? :slight_smile:

I’m guessing it’s like carving your name into a desk or writing “BOB WAS HERE, 33 AD” or something like that. :shrug:

Also, Old World sites in the Middle East have had problems with grave/treasure robbers over the years, often before the academics find them.

From the blog:

The general response from Simcha Jacobovici himself has either been dismissal or mockery. Although he asked his critics to point out the mistakes, he has never responded to my attempts to explain why I am unconvinced by his claims, preferring instead either to ignore the critical response or to mock what he calls underwear bloggers.

Yeah, see, there is thing (although sometimes corrupt) called peer review. The idea is to root out false claims like “cold fusion was invented”.

That’s me, and people like me, sitting on the couch, blogging in our underpants while we eat takeaway pizza!

Well, obviously this blogger isn’t an “underwear” blogger, because those folks don’t have capital for take-out pizza.

But we’ve pretty much heard it all now. Jesus married and went to France, Jesus went to India, Mary is buried in Pakistan, Jesus never existed, ect. ect.

You’d think by now they would have made up their mind on one conspiracy theory. :shrug:

And note how interesting it is that no one has made such claims about Caesar or any of Our Lord’s contemporaries. Somehow, those records never questioned…

The same ones, it would seem, who claim He never existed are now claiming He was married! LOL

More like “Bob was here, 33 BC.” :stuck_out_tongue:

Got more links? This subject bothers me and I’d like to see it put to rest once and for all.

The story is five months old. The J Post report is dated April 5 and the Daily Mail report April 7. The nonsense was widely debunked at the time.

I came across this, which ends signed by a bunch of scholars: “To conclude, we wish to protest the misrepresentation of the conference proceedings in the media, and make it clear that the majority of scholars in attendance—including all of the archaeologists and epigraphers who presented papers relating to the tomb—either reject the identification of the Talpiot tomb as belonging to Jesus’s family or find this claim highly speculative.”


Some people will believe anything !! My Mom used to say, “There’s a fool every day.!!” God Bless, Memaw

If this is true… all of Christianity would be a lie. Jesus didn’t rise from the dead and therefore is not God!

Yeah. Among the twelve Apostles, there were two Simons, two James, and two Judes. So half of the Apostles did not have unique names. (I’m waiting for some imaginative anti-Catholic to claim that Jesus gave Peter his new name simply to avoid confusion.)

There were three women at the foot of the Cross, and they were all named Mary.

King Henry-8 had six wives. Three were named Anne and two were named Katherine. Only Jane Seymour did not have an ambiguous first name, even though the name “Jane” is considered common (as in Jane Doe).

From CNN (not exactly a Christian friendly source):

"A story that doesn’t hold together

The story that is being told about this tomb simply doesn’t make much sense.

Even if we were to grant all of this – that the first generation of Christians buried Jesus and his family and some close followers in these tombs, perhaps secretly for fear of harassment by Jewish authorities – we would have to believe that the knowledge of this burial spot was lost to early Christians almost immediately.

The idea of the resurrection emerged very early in Christianity – almost immediately after Jesus’ death. This would, in theory, explain the Jonah image (if it were such) on the tomb next door.

But this presents a logical dilemma: We would have a tomb containing Jesus’ ossuary – his bones – coexisting, temporally and physically, with the belief that his bones shouldn’t be in there. And we would have to believe that a year after Jesus died and was supposedly resurrected, his followers went and reburied his decomposed corpse in an ossuary.

What’s more, all of the other people from Jesus’ family, all those other names on the ossuaries in the Talpiot Tomb, would have been buried there after Jesus, presumably years later.

In other words, early Christians, believing that Jesus was the resurrected son of God, were entering his burial chamber to deposit the bones of his relatives, and no one ever mentioned the place, turned it into a pilgrimage site or marked it for other Jesus followers.

Considering how dangerous the existence of Jesus’ burial site – and bones – would be for traditional Christian belief, even very early on, we might be surprised that no one, in the years that they must have been returning to the tomb to bury everyone else, didn’t think to destroy the best evidence that their central claim was a lie.

The media attention around this story is easy enough to explain: Jesus is hot right now, and this would be a blockbuster if it were true. Unfortunately, the evidence is faulty, and the story doesn’t make sense." (emphasis mine)


. . . and from a scholarly source:

**The Tomb of Jesus and Family?
Second Thoughts **

"The new interpretation of the Talpiot Tomb in Jerusalem that has been put forth by Simcha Jacobovici and James Cameron is very doubtful . . . . "

More at:


You all forget that **everybody **knew where our LORD was buried.

It is hard to cover up a death; it is almost impossible to hide the result of state execution.

If our LORD remained dead, it would have been the easiest thing in the world for the Roman guard to produce the body – it wasn’t walking anywhere – and squelch the resurrection talk for good.

They didn’t because there was nobody there. Full stop!

Someone coming along 100 generations later with a bonebox that may, or may not, be that old, engraved with three rather common names for that time, is really somewhat beside the point.


Love your Dr. Who reference! :thumbsup:

Other way round on Anne/Catherine (various spellings).

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