George Clooney hires psychic to connect with dead pig

"George Clooney hires psychic to connect with dead pig

London: Hollywood superstar George Clooney has hired a psychic to help him contact his favourite pet, a black pig named Max who died three years ago.

The ‘Ocean’s Thirteen’ star is still mourning the loss of the swine whom he fondly called ‘Max the star’ and wants to keep in touch with his pet of 18 years from beyond the grave, reported Contactmusic."…

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I’ve never agreed with Clooney’s politics, but I found him to be attractive and liked some of his movies. After reading this article, though, I find him much less so. His longest lasting relationship was with his pet pig and he misses him so much, he contacted a psychic. That is just odd. Perhaps Hollyweird has affected him more than he knows. This is so sad. On so many levels.

Sounds like something one would read in the “Weekly World News”, which as I recall is no longer published. They used to have stories with “real” pictures of Bat-boy and whoever was currently the US president with alians.

Truth is indeed sometimes stranger than fiction. :eek:

That reminds me of “Our Own Oddities.” It used to be published in our local paper when I was a kid. I think they are bringing it back.

Yep, it is making a comeback here:

Hope it’s nonsense; I thought he had more sense than that.

And these are the people so many in our society look up to?!?!?!?

We’re a society that increasingly places more value on animals than on humans…

Still, it just proves it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to be an actor.

How does one “connect” with a LIVE pig?

Well, what can you expect from a man, who ridicules a prominent fellow actor suffering from alzhimer’s because he doesn’t like the other actors politics.

I am refering to a remark by clooney, regarding Charlton Heston.

I have never watched another of his movies since.

Hollywood is such a cesspool of self indulgent overpaid intellectual lightweights. What other profession spends so much time honoring itself??

Max, who had suffered from partial blindness and arthritis, had lived with George for 18 years and the pair often shared a bed.


I dunno… the story seems just too weird to believe. However, I heard an interview with Clooney where he told the story of buying a farm, and getting so attached to one cow that when it died he had it cremated.

The ashes came back by the bucketful.

So, did he say what he did with the ashes? Sprinkle them over the cow’s favorite grazing spot? Keep them in several large urns on the mantle? Sprinkle them over a Chick-Fil-A restaurant?

Max, who had suffered from partial blindness and arthritis, had lived with George for 18 years and the pair often shared a bed.…ig-415459.html

Does any one know how the pig died? Did it have the swine flu?
And if so,
could this have been the bed where the disease initially transmitted into humans.:smiley:

As unbelievable as the story is, it may well be true. Here are a couple news articles reporting on the pig’s death in 2006.

The nearly 300-pound potbellied pig who shared George Clooney’s Hollywood Hills home, and sometimes his bed, died Friday while his owner was out of town promoting his latest film, The Good German, due Dec. 15.

“He just died, like an hour ago,” says the actor, who gained custody of the porker about 18 years ago, after breaking up with live-in girlfriend Kelly Preston (now Mrs. John Travolta). “He was as old a pig as the vets had ever seen. I was really surprised, because he’s been a big part of my life.”

Animals become like surrogate children or partners to many people. Clooney famously remarked “Love me, love my pig” when explaining that his on-off relationship with British TV presenter Lisa Snowdon had the blessing of his potbellied buddy.

Words fail me.:confused: How does one even comment logically on something so “out there”?

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