George Clooney joins Armenians to mark anniversary of 1915 massacre: Canada has formally recognized killings as genocide, while the U.S. has not


yep! :frowning:


Yes, I think so. “Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.” I think that applies to calling something what it properly is as well.

And, to fault myself, I didn’t know about this genocide. I had never heard of it, and I lived in Europe and traveled all over the world! I think it’s awful it’s not better known and remembered.


I agree, it should be called a genocide. By refusing to call it as such, we are denying part of its truth, changing what it really was. To call it something else would be akin to saying slavery really isn’t slavery at all.


It does when we are selective in what genocides we decide to remember and which one we decide to ignore.

I presume the more recent genocide of Rwanda is already mostly forgotten by the world.


Read the books written by the woman who survived hiding in a tiny bathroom. We should never forget Rwanda.


If people feel they need to be entertained they could watch the movie “Hotel Rwanda,” which is very good, but doesn’t go into detail, of course.


that was an excellent movie. that was a nightmare.


Turks won’t recognize the Armenian Genocide, neo-Nazis won’t recognize the Nazi Holocaust, and the U.S. won’t ever refer to the slaughter of Native Americans as Genocide, that’s just how it goes. It’s politics. Which is a pretty good illustration of why I despise politics right across the board, whichever flavor it may be. The hypocrisy of it is just too disgusting.


Exactly right. Especially since Obama promised that if he were President he would recognize the Armenian genocide. People vote for someone on the basis of their promised policies, but when these promises turn out to be empty hot air emissions, then what is the use of voting?


Since when do most candidates abide by all, or most, or any of the promises they make during the election process? You can still vote based on their past record of accomplishment, or lack thereof.


Obama lacks credibility. As does Hillary. who said in 2008 that "alone among the presidential candidates, I have been a long-standing supporter of the Armenian Genocide Resolution.” Then in January, 2012 - Hillary said the recognition of the Armenian Genocide by the US “opens a door that is a very dangerous one to go through.”. Their promises and their words cannot be trusted. They are full of empty hot air.


Yes it is true. Reason is that the USA and Turkey are allies for oil purposes. Posibly the only muslims we are allied with. That’s why the US will never ackowdlge the genocide.


Yeah, exactly. At this point in our election cycle, the current crop of wannabe monster hopefuls are busy making promises they can’t possibly keep, and have absolutely no intention of keeping anyway. They’re trying to play themselves off as populists, but once elected they’ll transform into the most anti-populist person imaginable. Just look at Obama. His entire first campaign was built on extreme populism, but right now it would be hard to picture someone more anti-populist. Not that he doesn’t still spout falsehoods, but now the falsehoods are entirely concerned with bombing various nations in order to promote peace, justice and democracy, yadda yadda yadda. He doesn’t even bother spouting fanciful falsehoods regarding his high-minded-sounding goals and plans; that sort of thing simply doesn’t even factor anymore.

I don’t know. My entire political stance can now be reduced to, “Anybody but Clinton.” Beyond that, I’m just observing what’s happening.


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