George Foreman gloves up for religion

*Most people associate George Foreman with his famous boxing career or his wildly popular grilling line. But in “God in My Corner: A Spiritual Memoir,” the heavyweight and businessman shares how is experiences and career were shaped in part by his strong faith and commitment to religion. Here is an excerpt from the book:

*Pray for Guidance
When someone asks me, “Where do you get good advice?” I tell them, “Down on my knees!” Prayer is simply talking with God and allowing Him the opportunity to communicate with me. If I don’t know what to do in a situation, I just remember that the Lord has all the answers I need. He hears my prayers and will send His messages as thoughts in my mind and impressions in my heart. Often He’ll remind me of something that I’ve read in His Word. Sometimes He may use a song, a sermon, or something in nature—a flower, a mountain, or a river—to speak to my heart, mind, and conscience.

I haven’t paid much attention to George Foreman’s life, so I was surprised that he was pastor of his own church and that spirituality has been so important to him.

Thanks for sharing the word, Ahimsa. We all benefit when famous folk make known the importance of God in their life.

I admit - I never knew this about George. My knowledge of him consisted of the following:

-Named all of his kids George (or is this a myth?)
-Sells grills

Obviously, those things don’t tell the whole story.

Not a myth. Absolutely true. All five of his sons are named “George”. Apparently, two of his daughters are named “George”, too.:smiley:

oh i like his grill!

I like George. He comes across as a warm and kind man who is very comfortable with himself. He got out of the fight business with his brains intact and his grill is wonderful.

He’s also the spokesman for Meineke.

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