George H.W. Bush celebrates 90th birthday by skydiving



How cool :slight_smile:

my birth day’s coming up soon - not a number ending in a 0 but I am now inspired to do something special to celebrate anyways :slight_smile:


To paraphrase Tevye (Fiddler on the Roof), when a man jumps out of an airplane, there’s something wrong with one of them.


It would be a great way to celebrate my birthday if I knew they were going to take all the cautions for me that I’m sure they took for the (former) president! Otherwise, I think I’d skip it.


Wow. That is pretty cool. I think it would be neat to go skydiving but I would be terrified to do it because I am afraid of heights. However, it does sound exciting. I’d just have to get over my fear of heights first. :o


God bless him!


Good for him!


Happy birthday, Lily, I just had a birthday ending in 0
and I feel YOUNG, tho not enough to go skydiving!


I think he celebrated his 80th by jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. Go George Go!!! :tiphat:


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