George Harrison

George Harrison played lead guitar for the Beatles. And he’s my favorite Beatle.

For those of you that don’t know much about him, he was born and raised Catholic, and then got swept up in the whole Beatlemania thing. Eventually when he was still in the Beatles he knew that there was something more to life than money, sex, and drugs. He took many trips to India and became acquainted with Swamis and the Hindu religion. He then converted.

His religious philosophy was more of “This is how I find God and how I see Him. It doesn’t matter if you call Him Jesus or Krishna as long as you call on Him.” And it was because of his religion that he was able to lead a good life.

Many of his songs are in fact written for God (he never refers to God as Krishna in his music, with the exception of “Living in the Material World” and “My Sweet Lord”). His wife Olivia once said after his death that George would sit down to write a love song for her and by the time he finished it ended up being a love song for God.

And when I listen to his music I can’t help but make it my prayer as well, my song to God.

What’s your opinion of this?

Here are a few of his more religious songs:
Isn’t it a Pity-
Give Me Love-
My Sweet Lord-
All Things Must Pass-
Any Road-

Well, that’s all sweet and nice sounding…

But if he left the Catholic Church, where did he propose to get Sanctifying Grace from, since he abandoned the Sacraments?

Devout CHristians of any sort will often not like GH, perhaps Catholics more than others

…I do.

He is one of my favorites. I like George and his music. :harp:

His philosophy is hoo-ey;)

You chose to quote me and so I say again - I like George and his music. You have your opinion and I have mine. I answered the OP with an honest answer and I am not sure why you have chosen to use my reply in stating your opinion.

Oh, gosh–I am so sorry. I honestly didn’t mean to pick on you. I am sorry:(

I edited out your statement.

I feel bad about this–I am sorry:(

:o Thank you for sharing…

I always loved George Harrison… well… I loved all 4 of them…!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

dude was a serious krishna cult member.

he sings about krishna in this song

he also had a hindu funeral, i think he left christ long ago but thats up to Him to decide.

Here are the lyrics to “My Sweet Lord.” Harrison was following Krishna.

It’s a shame how each Beatle sort of diverged from where they started.

God bless,

Love the man and his music. The last time I led the service at my previous church, I actually used a recording of My Sweet Lord as part of the music.


I am well aware of his beliefs in Krishna, I wrote a research paper on his religious beliefs. He actually opened one of the first and most popular Hindu temple in England. He bought the land from Salesian nuns.

It is sad that he left, but if he was fulfilled through his beliefs, more power to him. I think we have to admit sometimes that people find things in other religions that they don’t find in Catholicism and work for them and where they are happiest. Sad, but true.

And in his mainstream music he isn’t too specific on the name of God (except the Maha Mantra in My Sweet Lord) and sometimes these songs, the ones I posted above, become a prayer for me.

Do you think the truth is important? And if you had the truth, why would you exchange it for something else? Yes, people are sometimes attracted to other beliefs, but being Catholic is about having the truth. Personal choice is involved but the Trinity is also involved in the process.

God bless,

The thing is that you really have to know and understand George’s history and journey to understand his conversion.

When he joined the Beatles and they became the biggest rock band ever, all four let it go to their heads with drugs, sex, and all other vices you could possibly think of. There was no quiet alone time when you are a Beatle. The first song George recorded with the Beatles as lead singer was a song he wrote called “Don’t Bother Me” about how there was no room for alone time and there was no privacy. He really hated that. Add that with all the sex, drugs, and other vices, he was living life on the fast lane. Then he took a trip to India and met Swamis and learned about Hinduism there and he found that this religion helped him. He found something he didn’t have for a long time–peace and happiness.

From what I’ve seen, people who live sinful lives and go off the edge and then go back to religion, go back to the religion they find when they are off the edge. For example, Glenn Beck was an big alcoholic and into all sort of things, but he met his wife and found the Mormon church. Do I agree with the LDS church? No. But it was able to provide him with what he needed and he is better off then when he was an alcoholic.

Fr. Corapi is a case where he came back to his original faith, but unfortunately this isn’t always the case and we have to accept that.

I’m glad George found his faith, even if it wasn’t in the Church, because he became a better person than he was before it. And because of it he wrote some of the greatest songs I’ve ever heard (for these songs, look at my links above).

Mr. Harrison made the wrong choice. All belief systems are not equal even though some may contain parts of the truth. I’m not saying I know what his final thoughts were before dying. That’s between him and God.

God bless,

For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the whole world, and suffer the loss of his soul? Mark 8:36, Matthew 16:26

Wow robbmiller, how very God-like of you to judge a man’s soul. I didn’t realize God had logged in to Catholic Answers.

While I agree w/ edwest that George made the wrong choice - I see what you’re saying SalesianSDB. God knows what kind of formation he had as a young Catholic so when the sex/drugs/fame/et al. hit, it’s AWESOME that he took a step back from that and was on SOME path back towards God. Now he never made it (as far as we know) back into the folds of the Catholic Church, the True Church, the Fullness of Faith, he at least took a step back towards God.

The Church is clear that Catholics aren’t going to be the only people in Heaven - so I see no reason why George might not be there as well.

I really like George’s music as well. Here Comes the Sun is particularly emotionally moving for me. Back during high school or college, whenever My Sweet Lord came on the radio, I’d sing along. But instead of chanting Hare Krisna and the different names, I’d subsitute it with Jesus Christo (since the syllables worked out better) and things like that. I don’t do that anymore - now I just admire a man who has the courage to sing about his lord - much as I admire the Jehovah Witnesses who knock on my door for their zeal in spreading what they believe is the gospel.

I’ll have to check out the other songs that you posted.


No judgement made. Sorry if one was implied.

Thank you for this post, OP! I’ve been a George fan since grade school - early/mid 60s and was always impressed with his introspection and his desire to use his talent to help others, even if it didn’t turn out as he’d hoped - Concert for Bangladesh. Did not know he was raised Catholic tho. His first wife Patty Boyd, is the one who introduced him to the Maharishi and Indian religion. His was truly an unusual life fame-wise and it’s a wonder he survived those first years. I’ve also come to see maybe the Catholic Church isn’t for everyone. It IS a tough Faith to live up to. I have a brother who is currently happy as a Presbyterian after many years away from any form of worship. We all struggle to know our relationship with God. The thing is to keep turning to Him. Eternal Rest Grant unto him and let Perpetual Light shine on him. We miss you, George.

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