George Mason picks drag queen as homecoming queen

FAIRFAX, Va. – George Mason University senior Ryan Allen dresses in drag and doesn’t mind being called a queen — homecoming queen, to be exact.
Allen, who is gay and performs in drag at nightclubs in the region, said he entered the homecoming contest as a joke, competing as Reann Ballslee, his drag queen persona.
But he considers the victory one of his happiest moments and proof that the suburban Washington, D.C., school famous for its run to the Final Four a few years back celebrates its diverse student body.

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Like Milton Berle, Flip Wilson and ‘Tootsie’?

Does the Homecoming King have to dance with him and/or “her”? :rotfl:

Didn’t you hear, the Homecoming King is a female!!(JK):rolleyes:

I was wondering the same thing. If I were him, I would decline the crown. Of course, I would probably be expelled for being intolerant. But, of course, I freely admit that I am. Tolerance does not mean acceptance and I will do neither. :cool:

Yup, I can tolerate a broken nose, but it doesn’t me I have to like it or that I would do nothing to fix it.:smiley:

No, you wouldn’t be expelled. You just wouldn’t have been picked.

You won’t get a broken noise for declining…you’d probably just get slapped by the queen. :rotfl:

Man, the girls in that university got to be some kind of ugly if this is the best they could chose.


The inmates are running the asylum.

I can’t wait to hear what Walter Williams (who is a professor at George Mason) has to say about this.

Oh my! How delightful! I must remeber that!

…And they’re giving lobotomies to the doctors!!!

Ah, stories like this should probobly horrify, but come across as too ridiculous to take seriously. Yes, there must indeed have been many very **Ugly ** girls at this school for him to have been picked.

I wonder if someday, other places will look to this event, and be inspired. If the Queen of England was in fact, a he. Oh, what fun that would be!

It seems to me, the further this world spirals down to its end, the faster it spins! It’s a wonder we aren’t tossed into space!

Well, now that they’ve done that, what else could they possible think of to shock us? What law has gone yet unbroken? What moral sensibility unoffended?

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