George Michael song "Jesus to a Child"

I’ve already brought the song up, but I wonder what people on CAF have to say about it. May George Michael rest in peace.

I remember this one. Very sad and beautiful. As the wiki page points out, he wrote it about his grief and I think it says it’s the first song he wrote?
How wonderful that he donated all the money to charity. He had a big heart, this guy.


Careless Whisper was the first song he wrote I believe, when he was 17 and on a bus!

I always liked praying for time, among lots of his songs. It’s a deep and powerful song.


I listened to praying for time after he died made me sad. 53 years isn’t much time at all.

My sister and I spent some time listening to some of his older songs, and watching some Wham videos.

I had a crush on him in my late teens early 20’s. :blush:

Does anyone know if George Michael belonged to a particular Christian denomination? I know he was of Greek descent, so perhaps he was Greek Orthodox.

He was nominally Greek Orthodox, his family are Greek Cypriot on his father’s side, his mother was English and had a Jewish mother so he could nominally also have claimed to have been Jewish although he never identified as such.

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