George Osborne forced to kick disability cuts 'into the long grass' in humiliating new climbdown

**BREAKING NEWS - Ministers ‘to rethink’ disability cuts

Planned changes to disability benefits outlined in Budget will be “kicked into long grass”, government source says**

**George Osborne forced to kick disability cuts ‘into the long grass’ in humiliating new climbdown

Chancellor bows to pressure and will revisit £4.4billion disability cuts “to make sure we get this absolutely right”.

Panicking George Osborne laid the ground for another humiliating Budget U-turn tonight amid a wave of public anger at his disability cuts.

The embattled Chancellor said he will revisit the £4.4billion cut to Personal Independence Payments (PIPs) “to make sure we get this absolutely right.”

Government sources confirmed the cuts will now be “kicked into the long grass” and could eventually be scaled right back.**

“This is going to be kicked into the long grass. We need to take time and get reforms right, and that will mean looking again at these proposals,” a source said…

It follows two days of fury at the Chancellor’s decision to strip 370,000 disabled people of £3,500-a-year in his Budget on Wednesday .

Every single victim will be someone who needs an aid, like a handrail or walking stick, to get dressed or use the toilet.

A YouGov/Times poll revealed overwhelming public opposition to the plan, with 70 per cent of people against and just 13 per cent in support.

This morning furious disability campaigners forced him to abandon a photoshoot with the Tories’ London Mayoral candidate Zac Goldsmith.

Placard-waving protesters screamed “blood on your hands” as the pair cut short the scheduled event after just two minutes.
Speaking afterwards, a rattled Mr Osborne said: “This Government will always protect the most vulnerable and help disabled people.

“So over the coming months we’ll be talking to colleagues, to disability charities, to make sure we get this absolutely right.”

The climbdown was confirmed hours later by David Cameron , who told a press conference in Brussels: “We’re going to discuss what we put forward with disability charities and others, and make sure we get this right.”

The backlash against the cuts began even before the Budget when Tory backbencher Andrew Percy sent a letter to the Chancellor signed by 20 fellow Tory MPs, warning him not to cut PIPs.

And the pressure grew on Mr Osborne throughout Thursday and Friday as a series of senior Tories called on him to think again.

Dan Poulter, a former Tory Health Minister and qualified doctor, said he had “serious concerns”.

Nicola Blackwood – the Tory chair of the Commons science committee – said she would be “asking the Chancellor to look again at the PIP proposals.”
And Sarah Wollaston, the Tory chair of the Commons health committee and another qualified doctor, said a Government U-turn looks “likely”.

“I think it would be entirely wrong to proceed at this stage,” Dr Wollaston said.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said he will force a Commons vote which could inflict another embarrassing defeat on the Chancellor.

Writing for , Mr Corbyn said: “Faced with the scale of opposition to these shameful cuts, Ministers have started to talk about consulting before they push them through.

“That’s not enough, and we will force a vote in Parliament.”
As the scale of the Tory rebellion became clear, Ministers were tonight scrambling to row back on the plan.

In a dramatic change of tone Downing Street described the cuts as a “proposal” rather than a final decision.

And Education Secretary Nicky Morgan claimed the brutal cut – the single biggest saving in Mr Osborne’s Budget - was just a “suggestion”.

Appearing on BBC’s Question Time on Thursday night , a floundering Ms Morgan said: “It is still being discussed at the moment.”

The Treasury is now frantically looking for ways to tweak the cuts to make them more palatable - but without it looking like yet another screeching U-turn from Mr Osborne.

His last Budget in July 2015 quickly unravelled when Labour and Lib Dem peers torpedoed his plan to cut tax credits.

And in 2012 Mr Osborne had to rewrite large parts of his so-called ‘Omnishambles’ Budget, amid furious opposition to new taxes on everything from pasties to caravans.

Two words: **PEOPLE POWER **

4 words-they are going broke


…And no, it is all about the Chancellor meeting deficit “targets” that he had set for 2020, so as to safeguard his integrity and give himself a lever to become Prime Minister after the next election. Statistics before human lives. It has nothing to do with being “broke”.

Thankfully the collective will of the British people, including Tories, has triumphed.

The government was facing massive defeat in the Commons over this following a revolt by their own backbenchers, which is why it has made a humiliating climb-down.

This is a victory for the rights of the disabled.

The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.”

― Margaret Thatcher

This has nothing to do with “Socialism”.

And by the way, on the late Baroness Thatcher:

**While Thatcher stands as a role model for modern conservativism here in the United States, her policies likely wouldn’t hold up under the scrutiny of a modern-day GOP:

She supported socialized medicine**. The modern-day GOP is so obsessed with trying to repeal Obamacare that they’ve held nearly 40 votes to do so. But Obamacare is actually a much more conservative health care policy than the socialized National Health Service, which Thatcher lauded as an accomplishment of the United Kingdom. “I believed that the NHS was a service of which we could genuinely be proud,” she wrote in her book, “It delivered a high quality of care — especially when it came to acute illnesses — and at a reasonably modest unit cost, at least compared with some insurance-based systems.”

She increased taxes. Spending actually rose during Thatcher’s first seven years in office, as the New York Times reports, and taxes took up a larger percentage as share of gross domestic product. Indeed, even by the end of her time in office taxes were still a higher percentage of GDP than they were when she arrived:

Thatcher also increased the Value Added Tax (VAT), which Newt Gingrich described as “European socialism” during the 2012 election cycle.

She believed in climate change. Thatcher was an early adherent to climate science, and once warned, “The danger of global warming is as yet unseen but real enough for us to make changes and sacrifices so that we do not live at the expense of future generations.”

**She recognized that gun laws can limit gun violence. After a deadly shooting rampage in England, Thatcher said, “If [gun laws] need to be tightened up, or if we think that it could prevent anything more like this, then of course that will be considered.” A year later, the government passed the Firearms (Amendment) Act 1988, which outlawed semi-automatic weapons, **changed requirements on registering guns, allowed police to refuse a weapon to anyone they saw unfit, and allowed the Home Secretary to add other guns to the list of banned firearms


She may have been Reagan’s closest friend an ally, as well as an international icon of conservatism, but she’s nothing like what the GOP has become today.

The great thing about socialism is you get to experience the warm feeling of being generous without actually having to be generous.

IDS and his ilk, who begrudge properly supporting the sick and disabled, are cruelty and greed personified. Those putting wealth and profit above human beings - and this scheme was nothing but a money-making boondoggle - need a radical re-think of their morals and priorities.

Is it really prudent to cut taxes when you are going broke?

Amen :thumbsup:

It always easy to be charitable with other peoples money

Money making for who?

Hopefully he’ll have to do a u-turn like with the tax credits.


How can you possible gauge the personal generosity of British tax-payers without even knowing all of us individually? :shrug:

I have seen this tired canard thrown up time and again on these threads.

And FYI Britain has a market economy, not a socialist one. If you are ever in doubt about this then please pay a visit to the commercial heart of London, which is a mega cathedral to capitalism that outstrips all others save perhaps New York. To accuse post-Thatcherite Britain of “Socialism” is nothing short of laughable.

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