George P. Bush files to run for Texas office

From Reuters

George P. Bush, a son of a governor and a nephew and grandson to U.S. presidents, has filed to run statewide in Texas, the latest member of the powerful political family to seek elected office.

Bush, 37, the son of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush and his Mexican-born wife, Columba, is seen by some as a transformative figure - a Hispanic candidate for a Republican Party that wants to appeal to the growing and increasingly influential electorate of Latino voters.

Bush filed on Tuesday to run for Texas Land Commissioner, a position which, among other duties, manages the Alamo in San Antonio - a symbol of the often contentious relationship between Mexicans and Anglos in Texas. The current land commissioner is running for lieutenant governor.

Please, no more Bushes in politics for a while. Nothing against him, personally (I don’t know the first thing about him), but…please, give the country a break for a while.

I feel the same way about the Clintons

Add the Kennedy clan to the list as well.

Oh no Texas Land commissioner, yes lets all get up in arms over it, especially those of you who don’t even live in Texas. :rolleyes:

Hasn’t really been many Kennedy’s in politics after the generation of JFK, RFK, and Teddy. I think the oldest son of RFK was a congressman for a while, and maybe a few others, but no senators or governors. By contrast, Prescott Bush was a senator, then George HW Bush, W, Jeb. Now the 4th generation. Very different from the Kennedy’s. Maybe if JFK and RFK had lived, things would be different.


Or if Joe had lived

Patrick Kennedy: (former) Congressman from Rhode Island
Caroline Kennedy: Ambassador to Japan
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend: (former) Lieutenant Governor of Maryland
Robert F Kennedy Jr: environmental activist
Joseph P Kennedy II: (former) Congressman from Massachusetts

I could continue.

The more, the merrier! Seriously though, I agree with you on this one: enough dynasties (after Hillary, that is).

WHAT ! Another Bush… oh no !

Thanks for backing me up, markomalley. Like I said, the Kennedy’s pretty much had one generation of major political figures: JFK - senator and president, RFK - US attorney general, senator, major party presidential candidate, Teddy - senator, presidential candidate. The rest are for more minor offices - don’t really think “environment activist” compares to “governor”.

In contrast: Bush family has 3 generations of senators, presidents, governors. The 4th generation might be starting with George P. Bush, markomalley’s cries notwithstanding.


Oh yes.

That’s right. We often forget about the oldest brother Joe who was killed in WW2. I have no idea if he would have had political aspirations. But even if he didn’t, I’m sure he would have been pushed. Too bad he never had a chance.


Who I Am… Where I Stand… What I Will Do

I believe in life. I believe life is a sacred gift from God and we must be pro-life and pro-family. And I believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman.

Sounds familiar. Real familiar.

And yet it took his uncle (W) [the "most pro-life president in history"™]until December, 2008, to implement regulations to protect a provider’s right of conscience to refuse to perform abortions. (Which was promptly overturned after a mere couple of months)

Really? You think that if he wins Texas Land Commissioner that he will have any control at all over abortions in Texas?

Maybe you should take a look at the post I was answering.

I did, and it has nothing to do with your response, where you tried to brand GP Bush with the “sins” of his uncle?

Awesome. I’ll be voting for him.

Not branding anybody with anybody’s sins. Just pointing out that talk is cheap.

The more pro-life politicians we can pack into the government halls, the better.

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