George Soros and U.S. domestic energy production

Cheap energy would allow us to defeat terrorists by denying them necessary funds.

Cheap energy would allow the U.S. economy to expand.

But apparently both of those desired end results are not on George Soros’ wish list.

All I need to know about George and his influance on the Democrat party

Ok, Please educate me. I keep hearing about this George Soros guy who the heck is he and what is his influence and why?

The following article was the source of this post;

George Soros: Billionaire for the Left By: Lowell Ponte November 13, 2003

Who is this shadowy, controversial man George Soros? Born in 1930 in Hungary, he watched Nazis march into his nation and kill relatives in a 1944 extermination of 440,000 Hungarian Jews. He survived by pretending to be Ayran, and then witnessed Soviet Marxists replace the Nazis. “My experiences under Nazi and Soviet rule,” he says, “have sensitized me.”

Soros’ father Tivador, a lawyer/publisher/writer, changed the family’s real last name, Schwartz, to Soros in 1936. “Soros grew up in a family that was so detached from its Jewish roots,” summarized a Business Week reviewer of his biography, “that they even vacationed in Nazi Germany, with Tivador shrugging off ‘No Jews Allowed’ signs by telling his wife, ‘You are a foreigner, it’s not for you.’”

After World War II, Soros fled alone as a poor 17-year-old immigrant to London, where he worked at a variety of small jobs.

Although he would later become a naturalized American citizen, Soros remains in social outlook very much a European and believer in the paternalistic neo-feudalism euphemistically called “democratic socialism” or “social democracy.”

Soros in 1949 enrolled at the Fabian socialist London School of Economics; became friends with Sir Karl Popper, philosopher and author of the 1945 book The Open Society and Its Enemies; graduated LSE in 1952.

From his interpretation of Popper’s “open society,” Soros developed his own opaque philosophy. As described by former New York Times journalist (and Soros publication editor) Michael Kaufman in his 2002 biography Soros: The Life and Times of a Messianic Billionaire, “Soros had developed a contempt for tribal sectarianism of all kinds and found much of the zeal of pro-Israel Zionists to be unappealingly chauvinistic.”

In the open society of America, young George Soros arrived on Wall Street in 1956 with $5,000 and quickly demonstrated a singular genius for investing others’ money and his own. This “Hungarian Horatio Alger” of financial sorcery came to be called “the greatest money manager in the world” by satisfied clients of his Quantum Fund.

Soros was chief among the creators of the modern “hedge fund” through which investors are protected by diversified simultaneous bets for and against the economy in a variety of ways.

But Soros also made a fortune by high-stakes gambles such as currency speculation in the world economy. In 1992, for example, he wagered $10 billion that by concerted attack he could devalue the British Pound. He won, pocketed at least $1.1 billion profit in a single day, and ever since has been called “the man who broke the Bank of England.”

In the process of destroying the purchasing power of the British Pound, Soros dealt a political blow to the government of British Prime Minister John Major from which the Tory Party has yet to recover.

High-roller global financial machinations by Soros over the years have led to accusations that he caused the economic collapse in Asia in 1997 and, according to one anti-Semitic publication, the near-50 percent devaluation of the Russian Ruble in 1998.

Soros “was involved in the Mexican bailout with their President Ernesto Zedillo,” reported the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review last July, adding, “Most recently, Soros worked on the Euro, pushing the U.S. dollar down to a near all-time low.” Soros has, in other words, caused you to pay more for every imported product you buy.

Soros’ 1998 book The Crisis of Global Capitalism: Open Society Endangered called for more government controls to prevent abuses and shortsightedness by “amoral” multinational capitalists. In 2002, when a French court found him guilty of insider trading and fined Soros 2.2 million Euros (roughly $2 million). He told reporters he would appeal the verdict but as of yet has not, dismissing the court’s ruling as “a queer decision.” To this multi-billionaire, a $2 million fine is a trifle, a mere slap on the wrist.

Today Forbes Magazine ranks him the 28th richest person in the United States, with an estimated fortune worth $7 billion. This comes after Soros has given away an estimated $5 billion to causes ranging from the Solidarity Movement in Poland to Vaclav Havel’s dissident movement in Czechoslovakia and to Leftist groups in the United States (including the Democratic Party).

(When another eccentric named Ross Perot in 1992 bought his own political party and used it in a rumored secret scheme with Bill and Hillary Clinton to divide the vote and thereby conquer incumbent Republican President George H. W. Bush, Perot was only the 44th richest American after making billions on government contracts.)

Soros is not just a nominal capitalist made rich through Communist connections, as was Armand Hammer (who we now know delivered millions of dollars from Moscow to the Communist Party USA).

In his own eccentric way, Soros appears to be an opportunistic, misguided idealist whose warped, surrealistic childhood produced a warped view of society.

“America, under Bush, is a danger to the world,” Soros told Laura Blumenfeld of the Washington Post. “Then he smiled,” she wrote, “’And I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.’” Neoconservatives in the Bush Administration are viewed by Soros as “a bunch of extremists guided by a crude form of social Darwinism.”

Soros puts these arguments in a new book titled The Bubble of Global Supremacy, due out in January. His publisher PublicAffairs Press promises an “intensely critical analysis of the Bush administration’s foreign policy.” An excerpt appears in the December issue of the Atlantic Monthly magazine.

Because he wants “regime change” in the United States is supporting the more left-wing Democratic candidates in general. George Soros advocates legalized marijuana.

I am speachless!:eek:

So this one guy basicaly acts like he is God.

In his socialistic views causing people to starve because they no longer have enough money for bread because he causes the collaps and inflation of their currency. I can see how this would work because at that point people are beging for help and then the government then comes to thier rescue. Hmmm sounds familiar.

If I remember correctly didn’t money go to his drilling thing earlier this year? Money I might add will not be paid back?

[yeah, offshore drilling in Brazil]

As with Al Gore Sr and Jr. taking money from the Soviets by the mechanism of “leases” and salaries from Occidental Petroleum [see my other thread], the Soros business needs to get more widespread dissemination.

The overall situation is very similar to the behind the scenes stuff during the Wilson administration when so many underhanded things took place that we are still stuck with.

Federal Reserve, the Income Tax, maybe the public [government] school system [Dewey?].

Get the word out. Do the reading. Get others to do the reading. Get involved with the 912 movement and the Tea Party movement.

Read, read, read.

Post, post, post

The internet is our equivalent of the Committees of Correspondence during the American Revolution.

Use it or lose it. Remember a horrifying precedent: Katyn Woods.

And if you think it can’t happen here, google Alcee Hastings [D - Fla] and H.R. 645 [send them some money and get a hard copy snail mail subscription and get a gift subscription for someone else as well.]


If you are interested, there are ways to do some reading:

“Fire in the Minds of Men” by James Billington

“The Philosophy of Communism” by McFadden

“None Dare Call It Treason” by John A. Stormer

“The Black Book of Communism” [several authors]

Read also books by Robert Conquest on the Ukrainian starvation. Haynes & Klehr on Venona. Radosh on “Commies”. M. Stanton Evans on “Blacklisted by History”.

Read also the work of Cliff Kincaid:


What George Soros wishes is irrelevant. Hydraulic fracturing is known to trigger seismic events; a fact conveniently ignored by the authors of the article. In short, it’s not a very good idea.

Link please on the evils of hydraulic fracturing.

The fact that you bring up may not be a fact at all.

Here’s a short article on the subject:

There are plenty of sources in scientific journals but somehow I doubt you’re interested. The article itself links to several good resources as well.

I actually looked them over.

Actually, you don’t want to confuse disposal wells with wells that are fracked.

They are two totally different things.

Disposal wells inject liquids on a permanent basis and can cause lubrication of geologic slip planes if they are present.

Likewise, geothermal involves deliberately pumping continuous flows of water into a geologically active location. You should also take a look at other locations where there are geothermal projects. Many may be in existing earthquake areas. Iceland?

Hydrofracking is totally different and takes place over a very brief period, minutes or hours, and the liquids are then removed.

Most of the stuff in the articles attempt to link various unrelated situations and is pure speculation that is nothing more than an assertion.

Fracking for oil and gas production has been used in somewhere around 1,000,000 wells. It’s not a big deal.


Gas drilling our best option. Albany Times Union, Op-Ed. “Fifteen years ago, no one in the United States, or in North Texas for that matter, had ever heard of the Barnett Shale — except maybe a few geologists. Today, it’s the largest natural gas field in the United States, producing four billion cubic feet a day. It supports thousands of jobs and generates millions in tax revenue. … Hydraulic fracturing has been used in nearly one million wells across the United States. Nonetheless, careful studies by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Ground Water Protection Council haven’t revealed a single case of drinking water contamination from shale gas drilling. That’s because the fracturing occurs far below the location of drinking water, and the gas wells are encased in steel and concrete to ensure isolation from ground water.”

No problem.


An Aug. 13 press release from SMU quotes Stump saying the DFW area earthquakes-at least those recorded with seismic sensors in place from early November to early January—are more likely to relate to Chesapeake’s saltwater disposal well at the southern end of the DFW airport than to hydraulic fracturing. Waste fluid pumped into the disposal well was injected “well below” the depth of the gas producing zone, the press release says.

But the earthquakes and saltwater disposal well have only a “possible correlation,” and more study is needed, Stump says in the press release.

At this point, the saltwater disposal well theory relates only to the quakes near the DFW airport, and not to the ones in the Cleburne area, he says.

Fraccing has been around for decades. It is a proven technology

The safety of anything and everything is disputable and disputed. The thing is, there is nothing, including inaction that comes at 0 risk and 0 costs. There is a cost of inaction too.

‘Further studies’ do not take place in a political vacuum. In this case those ‘further studies’ into the hazards of fraccing will take place in the context of a George Soros, who stand to lose economically if such development takes place—being well-positioned both financially and in Washington circles to put his thumb on the scale.

It is not as if Obama himself is not particularly indebted to Soros for his presidential victory.

The lobbyists are still very much a part of the Washington scene, and in this case, the cost may well be America’s future security will be imperiled so that George Soros’ pockets can get fatter.

I got timed out.

So just to summarize: your claim that “hydraulic fracturing is known to trigger seismic events” is false.

FultonFish and all others,

There is a video on the Kincaid link about Rock the Vote, do not click on it. I did and thank God for Internet Security! Someone has imbeded something in it. Just letting you know.

I am still digesting and researching these articles I am reading. At this point all I can say is WOW

ok now that last link you gave me FultonFish sounds more like an anti-catholic barrage than anything.

We can expect a lot more of these antecdotes and studies about the dangers of hydraulic fracturing if George Soros’ interests are involved at stopping them.

When politics and powerful interests become involved, there is no such thing as impartial scientists. It is no longer a question of where the results lead us, but a question of who has the biggest mouth through the best access to mass media and politicians.
And George Soros does.

Had to laugh at that one. Your assertion is contrary to DECADES of scientific research and established fact.


As both I and another poster stated, fracking has been used successfully about one million times and for decades. Your “decades of scientific research” statement is false.

Is this the real reason for anti-drilling sentiment?

“Energy: An oil company wants to invest its profits in clean-burning American natural gas. A Hungarian billionaire and a “green” politician want to stop it. This is the real Climate-gate scandal…”

“Slam dunk? Hardly. Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass., one of the sponsors of the job- and economy-killing Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill and no fan of domestic energy, wants to hold hearings on the alleged environmental dangers of the new technology. There’s been an organized campaign to discredit fracking as an environmental danger to the nation’s water supply…”

"Pro Publica was started by billionaires Herbert and Marion Sandler, who, along with billionaire George Soros, funded the left-wing Center for American Progress, run by John Podesta and touted as the Obama administration’s “idea factory.” Soros owns a major stake in a company called InterOil, a company that has discovered a large natural gas field in Papua, New Guinea, with which American shale resources would compete.

Soros would rather have us import his liquefied natural gas than develop our own. His allies in the media, the environmental movement and the Democratic caucus are all too eager to exploit public fears to do it."

Pick up a scientific journal sometime then get back to me.

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