Should the word “help” be in quotes?



I haven’t found the link yet, but he is reportedly financing the radical black lives matter. He has profited from the destabilization of monetary systems in England and Thailand. It seems that the EU and US are now his targets.


This is exactly right.GS is evil personified.he is behind every evil in our society.Abortion funding,euthanasia,Catholics for Choice,etc.His goal is a new world order,we need to be alert and pay attention.He is but one working vigilantly towards this effort.:eek:


I think Russia is one of the few countries that actually see’s that guy as the threat he is.


and, no doubt, he is probably a friend to Obama and Hillary. what will he do if Hillary doesn’t win?


The cynic in me believes that he and the powers behind HC will make sure she does win no matter what!:cool::mad::eek:


Something tells me DT would have those same powers had he not insulted so many of his own party.


A good number of whom had it coming. Might not have been the best politics, but it was actually refreshing.

Anyway, it’s remarkable to see some of the people who were highly critical of Repubs in the last few years now condemn Trump for doing the very same thing. Kind of amusing, really.


You could be correct there,that is what is so scary about this whole election process.Without sounding too much like a conspiracy theorist,there is evidence to believe that there is more than meets the eye re who really controls things.:eek:


I worry about that too. unlimited finances.


Perhaps the bigger threat is the Federal Reserve System. DT has every right to be concerned about the actions of Janet Yellen and monetary policy ramifications in an election year.


So true!The R old guard have exposed themselves.That so many of them refuse to honor their pledge to support theDT, R nominee is very telling .It has been theorized that they would actually prefer HC to win,reconnoiter and rebuild the Party in the meantime.Well I for one will be changing my affiliation to unaffiliated this coming year.


me too Jeanne! I am disgusted by the whole lot of them. several of them made a great campaign ad for Hillary.


You know the old saying, “Follow the money”?

Here is a site that has helped me find info on many groups, including the Alinsky-type
“Community Organizations” that are infiltrating so many of our churches, both Catholic and the denominations. It does not take that much research or time to find out their true agenda.

Organizations Funded by George Soros and his Open Society Institute

10 have already gotten established in my state (WI). They play up the “social justice” aspect of their activities, but when you scratch the surface and compare their writings with that of Catholic social teaching, you will see they are incompatible, to say the least. And they NEVER (to my knowledge) support anything pro-life. That is a BIG red flag.

Sadly, too many bishops have already allowed these groups to operate in their diocese, nationwide.

Pray for Peace,


That just validates the fact that really for the most part the R and D are just different sides of the same coin.They are an exclusive club and they don’t want a non politician like DT to gain entry.GEorge BushbSr., I guess said he will be voting for Hillary.GWB refers to Bill Clinton as his brother from another mother!Blechhhhh,I bet most of thoscRINO will be voting for Hillary:mad:


Yes, but what about the principles behind the Republican party, outlined very nicely in their platform? You can’t praise the platform without giving the writers some recognition. Ultimately the pledge to the platform is what really counts, not to any one person.


:thumbsup: I share your disgust.


Good find.

Important information.


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