George Stephanopoulos Spotted Blowing Off Mask Mandate In New York

I don’t get it.

He’s not wearing a mask, but neither is he close to anyone (closer than 6 feet).

I live in Illinois, and the rule beginning May 1 is “a face covering in public when you cannot achieve social distancing, which is 6 feet apart.”

So we can go without a mask if we are taking a walk in a place where we are able to remain 6 feet away from others. I and many other older folks have been doing this almost every day at a lovely park with a walking path. We even step away from each other (6 feet) and step off the path to do so when we pass each other.

So I do not like Mr. Stephanopoulos–but I don’t see that he is “blowing off” anything. He probably HATES wearing a face covering (I can identify–I feel panicked, and it’s hard for me to breathe well), and he’s taking a break from it while he is alone. No harm done, except by those who are trying a cheap trick to ruin his credibility (which, as far as I’m concerned, is already seriously in question because of his obvious bias in his reporting! But that’s a different topic!).

Maximus1 . . .

I want to set ," THE ELITES," to the old classic bad movie melody ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES.

Meanwhile COVID19 positive germ-shammer, er I mean “germ-shamer George” walks the streets of New York City defying mask laws.

And you blow it off Maximus1!

I never want to hear how you’re concerned about all those infections, and life and death, and all that routine again.

The “concern” seems to me anyway? Politics.


It’s not called the Wuhan Coronavirus.


What is at issue is whether the law in New York would require him to have been wearing a face mask at the time.

You realize that on a public forum, what you want re: purity tests is totally irrelevant, right?


You didn’t want to hear any concerns about ," all those infection," to begin with."

Did you put a bunch of comments on a wheel, spin it around, and come up with that one? What in the world does cashing a check have to do with this?

I don’t have a problem with Stephanopolous not wearing a mask in and of itself.
Just like with Chris Cuomo, the “man-made climate change group” taking private jets all over the place, “anti-gun” celebrities with a gun-toting entourage surrounding them, and rich celebrities telling everyone else about income inequality. I have a problem with these people telling everyone else to do one thing, when they themselves do the exact opposite.

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Lol…you can’t jump into a conversation 12 days later and expect me to keep you up to speed…start at the beginning of the thread and read through it.

You are correct.
Stephanopolous is a socialist who tells everybody else to wear a mask, but he doesn’t. You should see how angry socialists Chris Cuomo and his brother get at those who don’t wear masks. (They don’t wear masks, either.)

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