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On C-SPAN’s Book-TV this weekend I saw Gorge Weigel talking about his new book The Cube and the Cathedral which sounded very interesting:

He is a Catholic theologian, you can check out some of his columns here:
more info:


Thanks for the links! :slight_smile:


An additional link is It is for the Ethics and Public Policy Center of which George Weigel is a Senior Fellow.:slight_smile:


I know George. He is in my parish (ST. Jane’s in Bethesda), and his son, Steven. was in the same class as one of my kids.

I found him to be a bit aloof (maybe typical eccentric writter’s syndrone), but his wife Joan is very down to earth.



Thanks for the update. I really enjoy Mr. Weigel’s books. His book “The Courage to be Catholic” is one of my all time favorites. I highly recomend it.



He is JP II’s biographer, and wrote “Witness to Hope”. An excellent book! (PBS has a 3 hour show on it as well, and Weigel is interviewed in it).


I really enjoyed reading his Letters to a Young Catholic. Among other things, it turned me onto the Liturgy of the Hours.



In addition to those previously mentioned, I also found “The Truth of Catholicism” to be informative and an interesting read.:slight_smile:


So far in my newfound journey to the True Catholic Faith, George Wiegel’s book “Letters to a Young Catholic” was my absolute favorite!!!


George is an original signer of the PNAC



I did not care for when, somewhere around Cpt 5 he moved from a very sensible attack on moral relativism to shilling the US necon policy.

People like George and Michael Novak are paid to put the case for the Just War when, looking at the PNAC statement we know that this war was intended well before GWB’s first term. And this is in defiance of both this and the last Pope’s position. They also aim to replace notions of social justice in order to redstribute wealth to the rich- a process that we have witnessed over the last eight years.

You can not serve two masters.


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