George Will renounces GOP, declares ‘This is not my party'

Conservative columnist George Will declares “I am no longer a Republican”. He has changed his official registration to “Unaffiliated”, and appeals to everyone “Make sure Trump is defeated”.

Full article here.

This will be a positive move if it means that ABC removes him from This Week and let’s some true Republican take his place. Maybe Bobby Knight.

:thumbsup: Is George still on ABC? Or do you mean FOX News should hire Bobby?

I truly feel bad for Conservatives like Mr. Will. How awful what is happening to his Party must feel. It is sad.

He hasn’t had a party for fifteen years. President Bush abandoned all other conservative values to chase down Saddam Hussian in Iraq and the party has been in disarray ever since then. They stand for nothing except opposition to Obama and their policies are dictating by light-weight right wing radio hosts that benefit financially by having a boogeyman to attack.

George Will coming to this realization 15 years late just speaks to what a wonderful, thoughtful pundit he is/was.

I would like to change my registration to unaffiliated also, but I will still be voting for Trump. our country deserves better than corrupt Hillary.
Bill and Hillary are so desperate to get back in the White House and regain all the power. why can’t they just fade into the sunset?

Both Trump and Hillary are power-seeking individuals, to put it mildly. I think the days of being a public servant in politics, particularly in the presidency, are nearly over (if they ever existed in the first place).

Seriously,Two old worn out dried up has been’s struggling to maintain any semblance of relevance.Ughhhhhj and there are those who feel bad for the Republican party:rolleyes:

It seems odd that a conservative would want Hillary elected president?

I completely agree


Well, do we see anyone today still complaining the Whig party is not around anymore?

Political parties rise and fall, things change with time, public sentiment changes as well, a party that does not recognize this is doomed from the start.

sadly, you could be right. there is so much money invested in the political campaigns anymore and the presidency seems to be a stepping stone on the road to enormous wealth.

Maybe in 4 yrs he has hope of making his party great again.

Will has always been a creature of Washington, never quite comfortable with the “hoi polloi” out in flyover country who actually vote Republican. People from Texas give him hives.


is George Will an atheist?

I did a quick search on Google and he is, yes.

By the way, George Will has attacked Pope Francis in the past. It was grim.

Pax Christi.

So sad! I admire George and consider him the brightest, most articulate conservative in the media.

I wish we had a parliamentary system with a Christian party!


God bless this mess.

Donald Trump says what he means except for all those times he has to walk back racist or misogynistic statements. Donald Trump is the first major candidate to publicly advocate war crimes.

thanks for the update. :thumbsup:

I certainly hope that his leaving the republican party will not influence anyone’s vote.

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