George Zimmerman is accused of threatening to shoot driver in road rage incident


Poor Zimmerman, always seems to run into problem. :rolleyes:


We need to pray for him.


And everyone unfortunate enough to cross his path.

He is the type of person who truly terrifies me.


Yes we do. He is a hunted and haunted man it seems! He makes an easy target for anyone who recognizes him. I don’t understand why he would intentionally continue to make trouble for himself.
I wonder if he is employed. Anyhow. He definitely needs prayer.


Yes, we should pray for George Zimmerman and also for anyone who interacts with him.


Hopefully he has or will get some counseling for what he has been through; it seems he likes being noticed but not by means that are positive.



What a whole lot of nothing! The “victim” didn’t even want to press charges. :yawn:


I am not sure of his employment or financial situation. However, I have wondered if he would benefit from a lengthy retreat. A prolonged period of time in seclusion, spent in prayer and receiving spiritual counseling, might benefit him greatly.


:thumbsup: That sounds like a good idea. I am not sure how normal his life will ever be. Hopefully he will seek out some kind of counseling.


His anger will eventually be the cause of his undoing.


Maybe he was unstable before. For certain, only the most sane among us would be stable after being exposed to the extreme hatred of 150 million people that this white hispanic has been exposed too.

Who knows what is true about what is being reported about him. He doesn’t sound like a very stable person now. That is what snapping sounds like.


I agree and he is an easy target. Another poster said the other person was not pressing charges


Sadly people have spoken for him to be harmed, that might affect someone as well.

The original situation he got into, we still don’t know the true facts I’d think, we have people’s versions. I myself, probably would have stayed in my car and hopefully, that means it would not have been such involvement in the situation. He may have been jumped as it is, I don’t deny that.


Yes, I’ve been forced to rethink this one. I think Zimmerman could well have brought this all on himself. He was probably whitewashed. To me, it’s a lesson in picking sides when you don’t know the facts. Not saying Trevor Martin was a saint either, or that this ever had anything to do with race. Just that whether we like it or not, Zimmerman was/is a bit of a thug. It does open the door to questions about whether Martin was a victim.


Zimmerman has a history of violent behavior. Who knows…he may murder again.


I hope not, but he has had a lot of run ins with the police since the trial ended.


I think, given GZ’s recent string of deplorable behavior towards family members/strangers, that this is one more in the string of evidence against him that whatever Trayvon Martin may or may not have done, GZ was mostly to blame for that. He stalked and racially profiled (and touched) that young man until Martin felt he was being attacked—and then he defended himself.

My opinion, of course----and sticking to it. but a lot of people are coming to the same conclusion and coming to see old Georgie for the psychopath he is.

Sooner or later the “don’t want to press charges” schtick that has saved him so far from his victims will not work anymore.:thumbsup::thumbsup:


You don’t say? :rolleyes:


Yep,sad but true.GZ is a loose cannon,who in the Trayvon Martin incident,encountered another loose cannon.George won that fight,but it is just a matter if time before GZ will mess with the wrong person.


Do you mean someone who has a gun, and who is also a better marksman?

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