George Zimmerman Says He’s Homeless, Jobless and Suffers From PTSD,0,1527824.story#ixzz2tV6bIZf8

He has it better than some vets and many, many other Americans. So is he thankful to God for his ability to draw breath everyday?

As you can see in the comments section of that article, people are encouraging him to commit suicide even now.

I would imagine the guy might have serious mental health concerns. Whether or not he committed murder, he did kill a boy, and was found guilty by the court of public opinion. Many people have publicly called for his death, rape, mutilation, etc., and he has to hide from general society just to feel safe.

As the saying goes: Any day is a good day, if you wake up in the morning and can get out of bed. There is much to be said for counting the blessings we have in life. Some people have it even worse, and our own lives could be worse (please God that it doesn’t)

Still, knowing that doesn’t lessen the sufferings which we, or others, experience. I don’t begrudge anyone from sharing news of their difficulties. Often, doing so can make the burden somewhat lighter.

I don’t doubt that George Zimmerman is plagued by chronic stress and has legitimate concerns for his safety. I don’t know how to remedy that situation. I am sure that God does, though, and I pray that Zimmerman will be able to find and follow that guidance.

Yep, Prison has that effect on people,
especially due to the fact that most prisons
are filled with a lot of Muslim converts
and the Hell they push on Infidels/non-believers.

Makes me wonder why Muslim Clerics are catering to criminals for?
Perhaps they need them for something?

Prisoners are being bullied into converting to Islam by growing numbers of Muslim convicts

Is that your answer to all the homeless and jobless of America. or does George Zimmerman occupy a special place in your ‘tough love’ ‘suck-it-up’ approach to poverty and psychological dysfunction?

At any rate, your approach seems a little harsh.

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