Georgetown Law Class Required to Work for Pro-Abortion Lobby



A class at Georgetown University’s law school scheduled for next semester will have students working with a pro-abortion rights advocacy organization, taught by that organization’s senior counsel, Kelli Garcia. Garcia, a radical pro-abortion rights lawyer, wrote the poem titled, “Planned Parenthood, Why Do I Love Thee?” in 2011. The poem was part of a larger effort by Garcia and her group to halt the potential defunding of Planned Parenthood, which is the nation’s largest abortion provider.

NWLC’s advocacy efforts focus on “working to ensure that women have access to abortion care by protecting and advancing this fundamental right.” And according to NWLC’s website, Garcia specifically, “oversees the Center’s efforts to address religious restrictions on women’s access to reproductive health services, including its work on hospital mergers and crisis pregnancy centers.”


In no way is this a surprise. One of my daughters went to Georgetown but transferred out because of the atmosphere there. This is reflective of that atmosphere.


I am as opposed to the new health care act as anybody but no where did I read that anybody is “forced” or required to take this class. In fact the link to the class description from the other link explains exactly what you will be doing. As harmful as this class could be it seems people are making a choice to take it not being forced or tricked into it


Even granting that this is an optional class, how is it even possible that such a program is offered at a Catholic university?


While attending a Catholic university on the west coast in the middle 60’s a political science professor offered a full point bump up in our GPA if we participated in an anti-war rally. Granted, it was a different issue and it was voluntary. I declined.



Groundbreaking work in the area of “Academic Freedom”.

The babies of course are helpless … yet it’s the abortionists that need the free (per their expenses but coerced per their acquisition of) “Catholic University” assistance?

Makes me wanna go … HOYA! :stretcher:


Assuming it’s in the course description and the course isn’t required, then this isn’t altogether surprising, unfortunate though it may be. I’ve come across numerous university courses which actively teach controversial ideological positions obvious moral truths, and blatant falsities as facts, and even punish students or faculty that dare to assert facts as facts (i.e., the faculty at Harvard badgered the university’s president into resigning because he asserted in a seminar that men and women are naturally different; which is an undisputed fact if you ask any credentialed neurologist).

[quote=CaptFun]Groundbreaking work in the area of “Academic Freedom”.

Actually, the trend is increasingly (since maybe the 1970s) to oppose even the idea of academic freedom in many disciplines. The argument goes that “academic freedom” is a racist capitalist/bourgeois patriachal heteronormative norm used by rich white heterosexual men to silence an oppress poor/ethnic minorities/women.

In other words, if a wealthy white male were the first person to discover that carrots are edible, then eating carrots must be racist, sexist, and classist. While I wouldn’t say that this sort of view is common in the academy yet, outside of the STEM fields and economics, it has likely found patrons in a healthy minority of faculty.


You just reminded me of some things - 1:20 preview - full documentary

Expelled (Ben Stein’s 2008 Documentary) - intrigued by the recent trend of scientists, journalists, philosophers, and teachers who have been ostracized and discredited for daring to suggest that humankind may be the product of intelligent design rather than a random fluke in the cosmic scheme of things, Ben Stein sets out on a journey to investigate the supposed persecution of the many by the select few.

Stein asserts that in recent years, anyone who dares to question the idea that adaptation is responsible for the development of Earth’s organisms is held to ridicule, and over the course of the film, he travels the globe to speak with the supporters of both theories, pondering the reasons why believing in a higher power has seemingly become a massive taboo in the eyes of educators and the media. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

PG, 1 hr. 37 min.

And this line from your post:

The argument goes that “academic freedom” is a racist capitalist/bourgeois patriachal heteronormative norm used by rich white heterosexual men to silence an oppress poor/ethnic minorities/women.

What a cavalcade of verbiage! :thumbsup: :smiley: Reminded me of this famous poem Rush Limbaugh used to play on his show (which featured similar profusion of language … though with the opposite sentiment). < The poem, circa 1991!topic/ < even a critic of “WIADMO?” liked the wordplay of the poem.

I doubt that I enjoyed it as much as you did, but it was an interesting
read. Clever rhyme, catchy meter, a sprinkling of alliteration… perfectly
suited to its target audience: those who want to see a simple world and
easy answers. The poem flows so briskly, with such a happy bounce,
there’s hardly time to catch your breath and think about it. Oh, those
evil Deathocrats, it’s all so clear!

The righteous and the wicked, the black and the white, the night and
the day. You live in a world of absolutes. In my world, I have learned
to listen, not to judge; to appreciate the shades and hues; to enjoy the
sunsets; and to look beyond the style of a catchy tune. In my world,
lemonade is sweet and sour.

It would be nice if I had all the answers and one tool always did the
job… but might I suggest you don’t kill the donkey, just because you
want to ride the elephant?

There is more “scorn for our nation” in social taxonomy and mono-
chrome thought than in a Deathocrat’s dissenting view.


Even the over-the-top poem’s epic critique of 1991 didn’t envision such coercion at a Catholic University on the horizon - or opposition to true academic freedom in the sciences. It almost seems tame now. :sad_yes:


So THIS is the kind of poetry an “abortion rights lawyer” and University Professor comes up with? No WONDER she earns the big bucks at G-town. Couldn’t she (and they) have given poor Sandra Fluke a hand with her massive birth control needs before she had to run to the mean old church for funding and have to debase herself before the world disclosing her “special needs”?

Per poety: pre-tty pedestrian and vapid. Would this be considered the work of an “intellectual” because of its left leaning sentiments? (Poem, comment from the site follow)

Planned Parenthood, Why do I Love Thee?
Posted on February 16, 2011 |
Posted by: Kelli Garcia, Senior Counsel

Why do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love all of the healthcare you provide.
The million pap tests that saved lives.
Planned Parenthood, you deserve praise,
For all of the tests and the many ways,
You keep women and men from being denied,
The services upon which they rely,
And plan pregnancies for future days.
I love the many flu vaccinations,
And the programs for smoking cessation.
Unintended pregnancies prevented,
The care of a staff that is committed,
Well-woman visits and contraception,
Planned Parenthood should not be defunded.

Take action today and tell your representative to stand for women and vote no on the dangerous cuts to Planned Parenthood and other family planning clinics. (my advice :bigyikes::nope: :tsktsk:)

The Poem

Submitted by Hil Poitiers on Tue, 2013-10-29 14:07
A friendly suggestion: this ‘poem’ is, before anything else, by presenting itself as a poem, mainly evidence that pro-choice rhetoric is incapable of poetry. As wise and learned someone once said “poetry is truth.” To the extent this is apt, the poem is a cacophony of untruth.

By contrast this one I’d found was once broadcast on a well-known program that has
claimed (in song) to “Shine the light of truth to America …” in a jaunty way. Let the contest begin: < transcript from broadcast on EIB 3/6/1991

It’s not close … even though the G-town Prof and “Senior Counsel” should have had an advantage in parodying (unto plagiarizing?) Elizabeth Barrett Browning. The latter poem imitates the styles of a traditional nursery rhyme “What are little boys made of?” and the meter of Theodore Dreiser (Dr. Seuss).

Perhaps Georgetown could provide political balance in its Contemporary Lit and Poli Sci programs by examining the works of Paul Shanklin and requiring another Law Class to assist the DC Diocese in the canonization cause of Senator Joseph Mc Carthy***. **

**** Never happen of course. Mc Carthy went to (Big East rival) Marquette. And basketball season is nearing at Georgetown. :ballspin: ***


Georgetown is not a Catholic university. Any links to Catholicism are now ancient history.


‘Exorcist’ author, William Peter Blatty,
to sue Georgetown University in Catholic court

By Daniel Burke| Religion News Service,May 18, 2012

The author who turned Georgetown University into a horror scene in “The Exorcist” plans to sue the school in church court, charging that his alma mater has strayed so far from church doctrine that it should no longer call itself Catholic.

William Peter Blatty, who graduated from Georgetown in 1950, says the “last straw” was the university’s speaking invitation to Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

Sebelius, who addressed graduating public policy students on Friday (May 18), has been criticized by conservative Catholics for approving a mandate that requires many religious institutions to cover employees’ birth control costs. The Archdiocese of Washington called the Sebelius invitation “shocking.”

I wonder if this was done. So far can’t find an update from this 5/18/12 article.

CAPTION from above article and photo: Protesters of Kathleen Sebelius sing and pray outside the main gate of Georgetown… (Bill O’Leary/WASHINGTON…)

Sebellius was being imported to be GU’s commencement speaker at the time.
The sentiment on the poster and the proposed lawsuit do indicate that some Catholics
are fighting for a return to Georgetown’s more orthodox past. < Interview with Blatty on “Alumni for a Catholic USD*” website.

** University of San Diego (was founded as a Catholic University … despite its “secular sounding” name). Other Catholic Universities bearing the names of the towns they were founded in include St. Louis U., Portland U., Providence College, Boston College, Santa Clara University, Seattle University, and the Universities of Dallas, Dayton and Detroit (now Detroit-Mercy).* < UPDATE GU alum Blatty’s Canon lawsuit backed by Washington Archdiocese, taken to Pope Francis 10/4/2013


Glad I went to Notre Dame Law. We had a very active pro-Life group.


isn’t this one of the reasons that there is a lawsuit that is trying to remove Georgetown University from the status of a Catholic university?

how can a Catholic university require students to do this?


Ultimately, I see this as an issue of academic freedom. In an institution of higher education, Catholic or not, ALL ideas and viewpoints should be respected and discussed.

I reject this idea that because a view that happens to be in conflict with Catholic teaching is being discussed in a classroom, the entire university has “ceased to be Catholic” PLEASE…




Typical. Folks, the above post is exhibit # 5,294 of the liberal mind:

“I’m Catholic, yet I will support a Catholic university holding a class that requires the students to support a pro-abortion group - in the name of academic freedom.”



Supporting abortion has become a required part of the curriculum.

That is no longer a Catholic school. That is no longer even a liberal arts school dedicated to open learning

This is a left wing seminary designed to spit out indoctrinated Democrats.

Leftists give each other high fives as another one bites the dust.


Why are all viewpoints worthy of respect to liberals?

“I make my living as a cat burglar. I steal people’s home electronics and I fence them wherever I can get the most money. Now respect my viewpoint.”

“I am a professional womanizer. I am legally married to two or three women and I am constantly having affairs. I lost track of the number of children I have fathered but I couldn’t be bothered to support any of them. Now respect my viewpoint.”

“I am a pedophile serial killer. I lure small children to my home, I rape them and I murder them. I always try to find the ones who won’t be missed much, so I can go on to my next victim. Now respect my viewpoint.”

I could go on; you get the idea. There are immoral viewpoints that are not worthy of respect by anyone, and there are immoral viewpoints that may be particularly reprehensible to Catholics. The fact that abortion would be promoted and even required by a Catholic university is about as attractive as a pig being slaughtered in a kosher kitchen. We Catholics happen to have a violent reaction to the slaughter of unborn infants, and that is the viewpoint that needs to be respected here, above all others!


Actively furthering an agenda is completely different from debating its merits. I’m happy to talk about ideas with which I disagree. And I don’t see anyone here who has expressed otherwise, so I’m a bit confused as to whom the “PLEASE…” is directed toward. :confused:


It’s a red herring. Just look at how Ray Kelly was treated at the liberal Brown University this week, or how General Petraeus was treated by CUNY students. Plenty of liberals practice censorship whilst decrying it elsewhere.

Not saying conservatives don’t too, they definitely do. It’s just that it’s completely laughable that censorship only comes from the right.

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