Georgetown University Club Announces Condom Delivery Service

Catholic affiliated Georgetown University student organization Hoyas For Choice is offering a “new condom delivery service” where “students hosting parties can now request for Hoyas for Choice to deliver condoms to their events.”


Looks like Ms Fluke doesn’t need contraceptive coverage. Looks like HFC has it covered for her.

Hail Mary, Full of Grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women, and blest is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.



only one, it’s very sick. It takes the beautiful gift of sex between a married man and women and then perverts it into the lowest of the low and this end up with men and women just using each other as objects of pleasure for the most selfish reason. When we go outside God’s plan for sex and marriage, we reap the consequences especially women. I am assuming Ms. Fluck is running this too? Are you for this as well? Thank God that there are a group of newer Catholic Colleges that are orthodox and wouldn’t tolerate this garbage going on.

Can’t say it better…

For some background on the pro-abort Hoyas for Choice:


You asked for “Thoughts?”

Take a close look at Dr. DeMarco’s book cover several times here or perhaps even more poignantly here and you will get an idea of what many readers here think about this.

This does not represent committed, self-donating, life-long love. To lower oneself to it is not in accord with the plan of Jesus, yet Jesus in the Confessional awaits those that have done so.

William Blatty along with 2000 other signers has submitted a canon law petition that is

requesting that the Vatican require the university to implement Ex Corde Ecclesiae

I read that that the petition has the support of Cardinal Wuerl of Washington D.C.

I can see Georgetown University losing the right to call itself Catholic similar to how the University of Peru lost that right in 2012 by Ex Corde Ecclesiae.

My thought is that it seems Georgetown has really lowered its admission standards if they have students who, in 2013, think that they don’t already have adequate access to condoms

In an attempt to make condoms more accessible to Georgetown students at parties


To be fair, it’s a student organization. They can do what they so please.

That was my thought too. They aren’t expensive and can easily be found for free anyway.

They probably think they are doing a good deed with this. How about delivering food to hungry families or diapers to single mothers?

Thats what the government is for. No need for fathers.

Really? Student organizations exist at the pleasure of the administration.

Perfectly said! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

It’s ideologically based, not based on need. They need to make a point, so they are.

Do people really host parties and put a bowl of condoms out? Really?

why does a “catholic” university even HAVE a “pro choice for for innocent unborn babies that don’t deserve to die” club? They should NOT!

Sigh! Not a Catholic institution IMO. It is a student affiliated club, however, at what point do we say enough of the “tolerance” and “acceptance” of immorality in your face stuff?

Thoughts? That this club should lose it’s university support and funding.


You asked for thoughts, so here goes…evil disguised as modern thinking is still very much evil. That was my immediate thought.

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