Georgia pays off its debts

Georgian President has run into great his US masters debt. And it is time to pay off now. Don’t think he’s going to visit Bush in March19 willingly. Surely it will be enormous blowing-up for all his escapades during his presidency. But the price won’t be too high - just acknowledging of independence of one quite small but very troubling country. I mean Kosovo. And in spite of Saakashvili’s resistance against making such precedent he’d be forced obey his patron.
Because too long Washington had covered all freaks and dictator habits of Saakashvili. Last year he got away with nasty events of the beginning of November. That time Michael and his butchers showed the true face of Georgian “democracy” beating innocent defenseless people, committing repressions worthy of Stalin and crashing offices of disagreeable mass media agencies.
Now Washington will get with him for this and for presidential election adulteration and for murder of Badri Patarkatsishivili and for many other “deeds”. And Michael hardly would disobey even if Abhazia would separate from Georgia referring to Kosovo precedent.


I do not think we want to touch this one. I have a feeling this one will not be here too long :shrug: :whacky:

I’m not sure he was ever here.:rolleyes:

Bush will… crush!

And here I thought Sonny Perdue was writing a lot of checks. Oh well :shrug:

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I wonder how many other boards he has posted the same message to? I have $1 that he never posts here again.

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