Georgia Poll Worker Says She Found 'Pristine' Batch of Ballots That Went... (and 4th memory card)

Voyles said she worked at Fulton County’s Sandy Springs poll station and accepted the Fulton County Board of Elections’ request to carry out its hand recount of the election.

At one point, Voyles said she noticed a batch of ballots that “was pristine,” while noting that “most of the ballots” she observed “had already been handled; they had been written on by people, and the edges were worn,” showing obvious signs of use.

The “pristine ballot” batch, however, showed “a difference in the texture of the paper—it was if they were intended for absentee use but had not been used for that purposes,” and there “was a difference in the feel.”

“These different ballots,” Voyles added, “included a slight depressed pre-fold so they could be easily folded and unfolded for use in scanning machines.” Also, “There were no markings on the ballots to show where they had come from, or where they had been processed,” she said. “These stood out.”

I guess there is a possibility of a lawsuit over the vote changed. I really hope it goes forth as I want to see the Department of Vehicle(DMV) License renewal form corrected if nothing else comes out of this.

As I have written so many times the Georgia License permit, ID and License renewal is not correct is the way it is printed.

It should not be an opt-out form.

The Trump campaign has two days to file a lawsuit asking for voter scanning of ballots and this will knock out other ballots so we will see how this goes but it still will not address the issue of voter fraud or signature fraud.

The epoch times? That’s not really a new outlet of record.

Biden won by 12,000 in Georgia and the results have been certified. Time to let it go.


There seems to be a rule about percentage of vote difference… Since it now is only 12,000 votes, a special session may be called.

No. Certifying the vote ended the process. At minimum, Georgia is set for Biden electors. There is not backsies in place for elections.


The margin’s small enough that the Trump campaign can request and get a recount but it won’t change anything.

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That remains to be seen… Scanning will knock out more votes.

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It’s very likely the total will change by two or three hundred ballots. It won’t change by 12,000.


Nothing can change once after certification. There was no need to request a recount, as the margin was close enough to initiate an automatic recount. The recount was finished the morning, and the vote total certified this afternoon.


That is not true. Not according to this posted article.

Once Georgia certifies the election results, the losing campaign - in this case Trump - will have two business days to request a second recount, which would be done using scanners that read and tally votes, unlike the first recount which was done by hand.

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We are really going to find out some interesting things in the next few weeks.

If Georgia certified but it can be found that their recount was recklessly performed, they may be open to a class action lawsuit. It could be pretty bad for the state, a huge liability.


This wasn’t a recount, it was technically the “risk-limiting audit” allowed by Georgia law. But for some reason (he’s a Republican basically) instead of counting a subset of ballots by hand the SoS ordered all 5 million ballots get counted by hand. The Trump campaign is now legally entitled to a machine recount if they choose.

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How. Please explain. This is interesting.

LOL. Open to a lawsuit? This month has shown what a useless phrase that is. One actually needs grounds, evidence, standing, etc., for a lawsuit to be any more than a nuisance.


Because it was a Risk limited Recount. (RLA) which means not all votes were recounted. It would take weeks to do that so in one week, they took a limited number of ballots from all 159 countries and made a judgment.


They recounted all 5 million ballots.

They did it in one week?

Was it the whole 5 million recounted because they said that would takes weeks to do that or did they recount the 1.5 million ballots or less from 159 county’s that are supposed to represent the whole 5 million. Apparently the way that it was done was Risk Limited(RLA). That is what I got from the article posted. So whether they do not check ballots or do it differently, apparently it matters.

They counted all five million. This article explains it well.

Basically, because the margin was so close, all ballots had to be counted.

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The article is confusing because it discusses the Risk Limited Audit (RLA)

That’s why it was somewhat surprising to hear Raffensperger announce Wednesday, Nov. 11, that the risk-limiting audit required by law would look at the presidential race, and it would require hand recounting of nearly 5 million ballots in just six days.

It’s a type of audit that can help assure us that the tabulation equipment gave us the right outcome for the election, meaning that the right winner won,” said Monica Childers, a product manager at the nonprofit VotingWorks. VotingWorks was hired by Georgia and other states to help design and develop the RLA process.

The audit depends on the margin between the winner and the loser. The larger the margin, the fewer the number of ballots needed to satisfactorily determine who won. Tight margins could result in a hand recount. For example, in the June primary Joe Biden overwhelmingly won Fulton County, securing nearly 82% of the vote. The RLA software said it should only take 27 ballots to ensure 90% confidence in the election results being correct. This doesn’t dissect the precise margin, but simply establishes who won.

After determining the number of ballots needed, auditors roll 20 10-sided dice, Dungeons-and-Dragons style, to create a random number that seeds the auditing software’s random number algorithm.

My understanding is that it would take weeks to count 5 million ballots. It was not possible to do in just one week.

In Georgia what to watch for:

A recount with signature verifications.

If even 1 number after the 2nd recount is wrong, EVERY county has to recertify.

They didn’t certify with signature verification.

The article says that the risk audit formula called for over 1.5 million votes to be counted, and they decided it was easier to do them all instead.

And they did it.

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