Georgia Poll Worker Says She Found 'Pristine' Batch of Ballots That Went... (and 4th memory card)

Please show evidence of fraud to support this.


They are calling it a Risk Limited (RLA) so there has to be other factors.

But in the general election, Joe Biden beat Donald Trump by only 0.3%. Because of the tight margin, the number of ballots needed for the RLA to hit the target confidence would be more than one and a half million. According to elections officials and experts, at this point it is easier to carry out a full hand recount.

You needed to read a few more paragraphs. Identifying a random 1.5 million ballots, as an RLA calls for, would have been a long process. They opted for counting all ballots as simpler and more accurate; the RLA would have said we are 90% sure the count is accurate, the full recount says it is as accurate as we can get it.

Don’t watch for this for too long. The envelopes with signatures have all been discarded. You could take the registration rolls and call up people to see if they voted, all or a random selection.


Wow. Why can’t you take this at face value. An RLA uses a formula based on the margin between the candidates to determine the number of ballots to recount/audit. The margin in this case was so close, the RLA number of ballots was over 1.5 million. It would be harder to figure out the number of ballots for each county to count or whatever than it would be to just count them all.

So, they counted them all. New law. Apparently didn’t work at scale.

It was performed under the RLA law, so it was an RLA. They just counted/examined all the ballots.

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I honestly not sure what the Risk Limited (RLA) entails and what the regular recount includes and why legal recounts can be addressed.

It has something to do with the limited number of vote different , the 12, 000 votes.

And you couldn’t match a ballot to an envelope now, anyway.

So, case closed. Remember, this is a Republican-controlled state.

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I take little at face value today, maybe it is the way it was done.I do not know what the difference is in legal terms but the lawsuit should explain it.

Once Georgia certifies the election results, the losing campaign - in this case Trump - will have two business days to request a second recount, which would be done using scanners that read and tally votes, unlike the first recount which was done by hand. The second recount would be paid for by the counties.

I think they are doing this also in Wisconsin.

No one ever counts 5 million of anything with perfect accuracy. A RLA is done to ensure that the count was accurate. They select a number of ballots randomly and see how the results compare with the initial count. The number chosen depends on how accurate you have to prove the count. Statisticians can show, with enough ballots counted, that the original result is within say .5% of the recount, with 90% accuracy.

Choosing 1.5 million random ballots is not difficult, but it is tedious. Counting all 5 million votes was deemed better than a RLA, and easier to accomplish. It showed they were within .01% of the original count, with as close to 100% accuracy as they could get.

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Would the lawsuit allege they should have only counted 1.5 million ballots and extrapolated a confidence factor but instead counted all five million and gave us the real result?

I think at a certain point you need to look at the result, look at Trump, and come to the conclusion that his narcissism doesn’t allow him to admit defeat.

He’s trying everything to change this resounding loss to a win. He has to flip three or four states to do that. That’s not within the realm of possibility. So, he’s just going to fume and fret and say he was robbed for the rest of his life.

The question is how much of the country does he take down with him.


Yes I guess it was deemed better but still they are allowed to do request a scan recount and that will take place next. At least that is my understanding. It will not be all counties unless they see a problem.

Risk Limited (RLA )also kick out some questionable ballots according to the article I have read.

A product of the modern internet is how gossip and rumors spread. All journalists are prone to error if they do not spend the time to gather information themselves, but the billions of the rest of the people are even more prone to spread error. Confirmation bias and the need for affirmation lead people to the websites that they like reading, and pass on that information as true. However, with each passing some truth, if there was any, could be lost. Add to this the out right lies that are told there is no place accept professional journalist where there is even a possibility of knowing what is real.

That is why when inundated by “I heard” and links to obvious propaganda, the regular media is still the best bet, which at least can be read with discernment for bias. At least it is not fake, despite the propaganda effort to discredit all media. I hope when January rolls around some of you who are have believed that there would be a repeat term for the incumbent will at least consider that you have been misled from the start.

No it also a way of trying to get to the facts on how the system works.

Because the difference between Biden and Trump is <.5%, either candidate can request a recount, which will be done by rescanning the ballots. It is not clear what that will accomplish, since they have 2 counts already, one by machine and one by hand. They differ by >.01%. If a recount came up with a significantly different number, it will probably be deemed inaccurate and they will try and find the problem.

What would a scan recount actually do, though? Prolong the inevitable?

Sometimes one should pass on things that are “their right”.

That is my understanding.

Is there something about not being able to contest until votes have been certified???

So someone sues. Remember, the case does not get to SCOTUS unless there is an issue as to the federal constitution. Is a reckless count a civil rights violation? Its hard to make that case. In criminal trails, defendants are due a fair trial, not a perfect trial.

Same thing for elections. Federally, a person has a right to vote not to have the votes counted very accurately. How could someone say it was his or her vote that was miscounted? It is a rights violation if they don’t let you vote or if they throw all the votes from your precinct out the window, but where are your civil rights violated by a miscount?

So the case would stay in the GA supreme court and you know what that court will say about their state’s ability to do an accurate recount.

This is incorrect. They have been separated, not discarded. State law says they must be kept on file for two years.

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