"Georgia Secretary of State Announces They Will Conduct HAND RECOUNT and FULL AUDIT of Every Single Legal Vote"

I’m glad they intend to be conscientious about it, and they are taking it very seriously. Trust in our elections is sacred and should be treated that way. Our whole way of life can depend on election outcomes. It’s essential that elections be both honest and accurate. I’m glad they’re doing this in Georgia.I wish they would be as conscientious in the other contested states.

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I’ll have to find the source, but there was allegedly a count of the ballots that had the presidential vote only and no other down ballot votes at all.

95,801 for Biden versus 818 for Trump.

I won’t say fraud outright but I will say that statistically that distribution is dang near impossible to occur at random. If random, then the distribution should have been at least somewhat close to the distribution of the remaining millions of votes. Someone had their thumb on the scales. Throw out those votes and Trump wins GA by about 80k votes and no recount is needed.

The hand recount is being announced now as a CYA measure intended to forstall this line of inquiry.


We will have a covid-19 vaccine before they sort this election out.

only will find that story on conspiracy sites so I’d suggest looking there first.

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