Georgia's Republican chief election official says Trump would've won the state by 10,000 votes if he hadn't 'suppressed his own voting base'

“Raffensperger pointed that around 24,000 Republicans who voted by mail in the state’s June 9 primary elections did not vote at all in the general, and said Trump’s rhetoric could be a reason why.”

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I couldn’t certainly see this an an own goal, he urged them not to use this method and I notice several states in the US where there were narrow wins for Biden seemed to hinge on mail in votes. Of course having created the narrative that ‘You can’t trust’ it Trump will now show how he was ‘right’. Thus the idiocy goes round and round in circles.

This guy makes no sense!

The man is talented at cultivating distrust and chaos. That will be his parting gift to the USA.

Recent presidents have in recent years left notes of well wishes to their successors. I wonder if trump will leave a note behind. If he does, I don’t expect it to have well wishes. But all the same wondering if he will leave one.

This makes perfect sense.

It’s just data. You can’t impute motives to the people. We just know that 24000 Republicans voted in the primary and didn’t vote in the general.

We don’t know who they voted for. They could be registered Republicans who couldn’t bear to vote for Trump, and never did.

They just didn’t vote in the general. It’s a fact. A simple SQL query yields this result, if they’re using a SQL database.

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