Georgia's top election official announces there will be 'full by-hand recount in each county' for presidential race

Georgia’s top election official announces there will be ‘full by-hand recount in each county’ for presidential race

The Trump campaign requested a hand recount on Tuesday.

By Quinn Scanlan

November 11, 2020

What Georgia's changing political landscape could mean for power in US senate

What Georgia’s changing political landscape could mean for power in US senate

Brynn Anderson/AP

Flanked by several elections directors from across Georgia, Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced Wednesday that due to how slim the vote margin is between President-elect Joe Biden and President Donald Trump, the state’s planned audit will trigger a “full by-hand recount in each county” of the presidential race.

“This will help build confidence. It will be an audit, a recount and a recanvass all at once,” Raffensperger, a Republican, said. “It will be a heavy lift, but we will work with the counties to get this done in time for our state certification.”

Neither ABC News nor Edison Research has projected a winner in Georgia’s presidential contest. Nearly 5 million votes were cast in the presidential race in Georgia. Currently, Biden is leading in the state by about 14,000 votes, which puts him on track to be the first Democrat to win Georgia’s electoral votes since 1992. The Trump campaign requested a hand recount on Tuesday.

Raffensperger said he hopes the audit can begin this week, but counties have until Friday to certify their respective results. So far, 98 of Georgia’s 159 counties have certified their results. The state’s certification deadline is Nov. 20, and Raffensperger said the audit “will take every bit of the time we have left.”

Raffensperger said that a candidate would still be entitled to request a recount following certification if the margin between the winning and losing candidate remains within 0.5% of total votes cast. That recount, however, would not be done by hand, pursuant to state law, which requires high-capacity scanners to be used barring a court order or all available scanners failing.

Rep. Doug Collins, who’s been tapped to lead the Trump campaign’s recount effort in Georgia, called the secretary’s move “a victory for transparency.”

“This is making sure that every legal vote is counted and every illegal vote is not counted. It allows us to see the integrity of the process. And it allows the people on both sides of this, whether it be President Trump, Joe Biden, or anyone else, to say that the election process has been cleared out in a thorough way,” . . .

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. . . From 2000 to 2015, there were 27 recounts in statewide races across the country. Of those 27, there were three that resulted in a change of the election result. The average vote shift across all 27 recounts was 282 votes, which accounted for 0.019 percent of the vote in those races. This data comes from a report released by FairVote in September 2016 authored by Rob Richie and Haley Smith. To read the full report, click here. Highlights of their report are summarized below.

  • The report analyzed 4,687 statewide general elections from 2000 to 2015, and found that recounts occurred 27 times (0.57 percent) . Of these 27, the report identified 15 as consequential , which was defined as having an original margin of victory of 0.15 percent or less.
  • The report identified three instances where a consequential recount resulted in a result reversal: U.S. Senate in 2008 in Minnesota, auditor in 2006 in Vermont, and governor in 2004 in Washington.
  • The average shift across all recounts was 282 votes, which accounted for 0.019 percent of the statewide vote in those races. In the seven recounts in which the total votes cast were above two million, the margin shift averaged 0.016 percent of the vote. In the eight cases in which the total votes cast were fewer than one million, the margin shift averaged 0.039 percent. . . .

The highest vote swing historically speaking (since the year 2000) has been 440.

That was when Al Franken’s buddies cheated him into the Senate (my opinion).

We’ll see what kind of a vote swing occurrs here in Georgia.

Georgia being under the national microscope may also help with the January Georgia Senate election process. Hopefully it will.

Recount laws by state

The sections below display recount laws across the fifty states. States with Automatic threshold below have a statutory provision for automatic recounts, and this describes the threshold required for an automatic recount. States with Requesting a recount below have a statutory provision that allows candidates, voters, or other individuals to request a recount and describes the requirements for requesting a recount. To navigate to your state, click it on the map below. Are any of these figures out of date? Click here to let us know.

Across the 50 states, 20 states have a statutory provision allowing for automatic recounts, and 43 states have a statutory provision allowing for requested recounts. . . .

That is what is currently going on for the last week I believe but this does not still take into account whether these 2.2 million new voter registrations from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) are indeed legal status. That is not being checked.

This is a hand count and they are also finding that memory cards were never put into the machine. Isn’t that what we have been watching?

Still it does not address a number of other issues.


It’s not being checked because it was checked during the registration process.


Georgia audit on track to finish Wednesday and affirm Biden win, official says


(CNN)Georgia is on a “good schedule right now” to finish an audit of the presidential election by Wednesday and thus certify its results by Friday, a top state voting official says, and the vast majority of counties are reporting results that are “spot dead on” to the initial tallies or finding only minor discrepancies.

Gabriel Sterling, the state’s voting systems implementation manager, said Tuesday there are only approximately 300,000 ballots left to be hand-counted in Georgia out of the nearly 5 million cast in the presidential election.

Meanwhile, election officials from 29 counties across Georgia told CNN that they had already completed their audits and found no discrepancies with the results – further discrediting President Donald Trump’s lies about widespread fraud in the state.

The state is required by law to certify its results by Friday, which would thwart long-shot efforts by Trump to delay certification and potentially overturn the results of the state’s election through the Electoral College. The President has repeatedly made unfounded allegations of fraud following his election defeat on November 3, and his campaign has launched legal challenges in multiple states seeking to prevent certification of results.

“The whole point of the audit is to prove the (initial) outcome was correct” and to “verify the winners,” Sterling said.

Again who checked them, did the city/town clerk check them? There is no social security number on form so does she check the birth, marriage and death record?* Does the secretary of state validate that each and everyone who is on the voter registration list is a legal citizen? I wish they would clear this up so people will feel that the 2.2 million new voters are all legal citizen.
This is my concern and it is a valid concern when it comes to a recount. If you recount fraudulent votes(now I am now saying they are fraudulent . I am questioning their method) over and over what does that tell us.

I am not getting this whole thing with voter registrations from the Department of Motor Vehicles DMV. Why are a foreign nations - green card holds allow to get the same form? Why are 15 years old allowed to have voter registration on their license learner permits or 16 year old on their license application and an opt-out only?

Still, in many areas, you have to request an absentee ballot, you have filled out a form with your social security number or driver’s license number sign it and send it to the town clerk who also uses birth, marriage, and death records to verify it is indeed the person.

Obtaining an Instruction Permit in Georgia

A Georgia Instructional Permit is granted to 15 -year-olds upon successfully passing a written examination. The driver with this permit must be accompanied by a passenger who is at least 21 years old and possesses a valid Class C driver’s license at all times while driving.

  1. Any 16 year old who obtains an initial Class D license must have completed a driver education course approved by the Department of Driver Services and a cumulative total of at least forty (40) hours of other supervised driving experience, including at least six (6) hours at night.

Eighteen years of age is not 15-17 years of age for a license permit or new license so why is the voter registration on underage children application for a license?.

Please don’t flag this post. It is relevant to the discussion. What is Georgia doing besides counting all votes?

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Balto in case you did not see it. Here is the complete license (permit, ID) renewal form.

I’ve seen it because you’ve posted it dozens of times in various threads while ignoring the people correcting your misconceptions and not bothering to look into how the state verifies voter eligibility.


Sorry I never know what sees what on these forums as I post on different threads and bits and pieces. I have not seen your respond much on this topic.

You said yes so is there someplace that you can verify this, something in print on this or is this just your own speculation that it has been done?

Again if you count fraudulent ballots(and I am not saying they are, I am questioning their method and the possibility) how does that help bring clarity?

Recounting solves nothing if the validity of the votes being recounted is not also checked.

Once again amazed that random people on the internet think they know more about voter registration and running elections than the people who actually register voters and run elections.


It corrected the counts. There were some votes misclassified, and during this audit there were memory cards containing votes that previously had not been included in the count that were included.

It does not, it only reinforces the original concept that all votes in the state are legal and therefore the Media can run with in all its news cycle.

The highest vote swing historically speaking (since the year 2000) has been 440.


Looks like a new record for “irregularities” (at least since the year 2000) might be coming depending on where these votes get distributed.

And this is just one county.


Georgia Audit Finds 2,700 Votes Not Uploaded in Fayette County, Shaving Biden’s Lead by 449


Cobb County Election officials handle ballots during an audit, Monday, Nov. 16, 2020, in Marietta, Ga. A hand tally of the nearly 5 million votes cast in the presidential race in Georgia has entered its fourth day Monday. (AP Photo/Mike Stewart)

AP Photo/Mike Stewart


17 Nov 20201,509


Nearly 3,000 votes were discovered on a memory card in Fayette County, Georgia that had not been uploaded properly in the state’s 2020 presidential election, the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office announced Tuesday.

Of the 2,755 votes, 1,577 were for President Trump, while 1,128 went to former Vice President Joe Biden. The remaining votes were for Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen or write-ins. The updated tally changes the margin by 500 votes. Biden now leads President Trump in the Peach State by 12,929 votes.

Fayette County is scheduled to re-certify its election results Wednesday.

The announcement comes one day after Floyd County discovered roughly 2,600 uncounted ballots during the state’s manual recount of votes.

In a statement, Georgia voting system manager Gabriel Sterling described the uncounted ballots as an “amazing blunder” . . . .

Yes the vote narrows.

However once the Main news sources get the recount vote, you have to know it will be blasted all over every TV station , every radio station that the recount has settled it. Everything is goo,d nothing to see here, move along.

Report is due today.

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