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Does anyone know a reliable website that sells German Catholic Bibles? I started reading the “Einheitsübersetzung” version (Unity Translation) online, which is apparently the Bible that German Catholics use. My German isn’t quite good enough to navigate the German websites, and I don’t want to get ripped off or somehow end up with the Lutheran version.


Gruess Gott!

Are you in the States (dumb question, I know)?

And, what type of thing do you want it from?

As to the Bible, are you looking for the cheapest one (of a decent quality), or a nicer one?

I’ve PMed you, because I’m currently in Germany, and can help you out a bit more, if you want it.

If I were you, I’d use this:

Herder Verlag is a Catholic (well, as far as I can tell Catholic) book publisher. Their shipping costs (to outside of Europe) are 14,00 Euros, which is around 18 dollars.

As a heads up, the Einheitsuebersetzung is much like the American NAB, as far as I can tell (well, at least in the translation of Luke, “oh blessed one”).

I am unaware of any other Bibles that have it “Gnadevoll” (full of grace), aside from the old ones on eBay (but then you get to deal with alt-deutsch!).

Viel Spass beim Einkauf!


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