German bishops change personnel policy, will allow for gay and divorced/remarried employees [CC]

The Catholic bishops of Germany have changed their personnel policies, to allow Church employees to keep their jobs even if they are divorced and remarried, or engaged in homosexual …


PARIS (Reuters) - Germany’s Roman Catholic Church, an influential voice for reforms prompted by Pope Francis, has decided lay employees who divorce and remarry or form gay civil unions should no longer automatically lose their jobs.

Catholic bishops have voted to adjust Church labor law “to the multiple changes in legal practice, legislation and society” so employee lifestyles should not affect their status in the country’s many Catholic schools, hospitals and social services.

The change came as the worldwide Catholic Church debates loosening its traditional rejection of remarriage after a divorce and of gay sex, reforms for which German bishops and theologians have become prominent spokesmen. >>

The German Church is in very grave trouble. Pray for them.


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This is how change happens. Slowly chipping away bit by bit at the edifice of a rock solid structure, like water flowing over sharp rock which after many years becomes smooth from the resistance.

On the one hand, the Church is apparently a huge employer in Germany. I suppose it’s employment practices will reflect that of the secular society in which it is immersed.

On the other hand, based upon much of what I have been reading lately, there may be some doubt as to the complete orthodoxy of German Catholicism!

I wonder if, in a Catholic school, married same sex couples will now be teaching Catholic students Catholic moral theology on sexual matters. It might be like a married couple who have numerous public affairs trying to teach their children about marital fidelity.

This article is just about catholic churches and their acceptance which may cause some major problems. I think just confuses more people and let’s people say, hey look at what the catholics are doing. they can’t use contraception but they can marry and remarry now and still teach at schools. They are progressing.

Are there any articles from the protestant churches and what and whom they accept in their institutions? Just curious.

Although Germany has not recognized gay marriage, it is pending, articles on net show it does support civil union, adoption and military so it seems very progressive.

Saw this article which surprises me…

German Evangelical Protestant Church performs first gay church wedding - See more at:

You would never see an evangelical church in the US doing this so it does make one wonder about the catholic church in Germany.

The single number ! nationality is the US is German influencing our protestant churches here but so far our evangelical churches are holding on many issues.:slight_smile:

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