German Cardinal Marx inaugurating his new style altar in the Baroque Church of St. Lorenz…

I’ve been to 5 of the 6 Catholic cathedrals in BC… the only one I’m missing is the cathedral of my original home diocese where I was first received into the Church… the cathedral is in a small out of the way town. The bishop and his Curia are now literally hours away in a bigger centre (Kelowna). Why the actual see hasn’t been transferred I do not know. Until it is, I suspect I shall always be one cathedral short of visiting all in the province.

I’ve actually had it installed for ages but only got around to playing through it now as all the Fallout games are time sinks, the whole settlement thing makes it even more so. I’m not sure I’ll bother with it a lot, I can just see that big castle the Minutemen are in being attacked as part of some plot later though so I have stuck a ton of machine gun turrets and tesla traps in there as I’m going with their arc initially. I’ve always found the Brother of Steel to be odious and arrogant in the Fallout universe, of course they are meant to be and provoke a strong reaction. Fallout 3 actually had a reasonably nuanced priest as a side character as I recall.

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These modern altars look a bit silly surrounded by traditional trappings and I am guessing that when one of the young clerics of today’s generation who prefers traditional things gets to be old and in power, this stuff will go.

Having said that, did this new altar replace an old altar? Is there a picture of the old altar? I would rather have the new altar than some of the super plain tables I see going around. Except that the new altar reminds me of a great big piece of marshmallow nougat (the kind that used to come in the shiny cello wrap that almost looked like it was part of the candy) so it’s making me a bit hungry to look at it.

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