German Homeschooling Family Applies for Asylum in US

PURCELLVILLE, Virginia, Nov. 18, 2008 ( - A homeschooling family who recently fled Germany has filed for political asylum in the United States. Uwe and Hannelore Romeike formerly of Bissingen, Germany, along with their five children made it to the United States in August of this…

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I didn’t realize they were that tough on home schooling in Germany. I wonder about other European countries. I think it will happen in this country some time. The teacher union will destroy home schooling, sooner or later…

Well, one thing I can tell you that is very different in the German public school system is that Religion (in a very “watered down” form, from what I was told) is taught in their classrooms.

I have an e-mail friend who lives in Berlin, Germany, and he told me that the attendance is voluntary; the children are divided into two groups, Protestant and Catholic.

It didn’t sound like Muslim students, however, were accomodated, so they and the students who didn’t want to attend either went home or had a study period.

I was absolutely astounded when he told me about this.

Nothing like this exist in the United States public school system, and we’re supposed to be the religious nation of the West.

Here’s what he said (he is 21, and this was from about a year ago):

We did a lot of handicrafts or painted pictures while the teacher told us stories from the bible (but they never read FROM the bible).

So we learned what Christianity is about and why we celebrate the various holidays but we never actually read from the bible in fact I
never have seen a bible in these classes.

We didn’t pray or anything like that it was very superficial and the name “religion” doesn’t fit to well. It was always very relaxing.

I thonk we didn’t talk too much about other religions (execpt for Judaism) and there have never been any fights because of religions. I didn’t really understand as a kid why the other kids (the Catholics) had a different teacher and a different room. Many children didn’t visited the religion classes because they preferred staying at home or there were no classes for the religion they belonged to (muslims).

That would have meant that we would have four groups which had to fight each other that would never have worked.

Religion was never a issue for me (or my classmates) in school. We found other reasons to like or not like someone.

I always wondered in if the UK government schools if they ever said any prayer in school, because technically they don’t, by law, have separation of Church and State, like the U.S.

It’s not the teacher’s union, like it might be in America. Here is a quote from an earlier article, The Saga Continues: Previously Tolerant German State Declares War on Home-schooling:

Nevertheless, Horstmann, rather than acknowledging the right of the parents to be the primary educators of their children, continues to indicate that instead the family must step in line with the ideology of the state, saying, “the education authority is in conversation with the affected family in order to look for possibilities to bring the religious convictions of the family into line with the unalterable school attendance requirement.”

In other words, if you don’t want your children taught that homosexuality is perfectly natural, too bad. The “school attendance requirements” are “unalterable.”


Dwyer wrote,
I always wondered in if the UK government schools if they ever said any prayer in school, because technically they don’t, by law, have separation of Church and State, like the U.S.
As Godless or Islamic as some US posters think we are we have mass in schools celebrated by the Bishop or the parish Priest, in Scotland you either go to the local RC school or the non denominational school but any religious service they hold tends to be a Protestant service, you can opt out of religious education but not if you attend the RC school, hope this helps

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