German imprisoned in Morocco for evangelizing

A German citizen visiting Morocco as a tourist, Sadek Noshi Yassa, was convicted of evangelizing. He was sentenced to a fine and 6 months in prison. Apparently there is a secret evangelizing campaign going on. Morocco is supposedly a “moderate” Islamic nation. What have we learned?

  1. Freedom of religion doesn’t exist in Islam.
  2. Converts and evangelizers are persecuted.
  3. Muslims FEAR real competition and the truth.
  4. There is no reciprocity with the freedom which Muslims have hear to proslytize.
  5. Some brave Christians run the risk anyway to spread the gospel and some brave Muslims choose to follow Christ.
  6. Muslim moderates are NOT moderate.

I don’t doubt this at all… but what is the source? I googled his name and came up with nothing.

Morocco is supposedly a “moderate” Islamic nation.

Who told you Morocco is a “moderate” Islamic nation?

It usually gets mentioned in the list. There really is no “moderate” Islamic nation. They all oppress Christians.

What irony.

In a predominantly Christian country, muslims always ask for toleration and respect and are usually granted it. The reverse sadly, isn’t true.

Morocco is actually tolerant of existing Roman Catholics. But there has been an ongoing campaign by U.S. evangelicals to convert Muslims there, and… as you are aware by now… this is illegal in Morocco. I think missionary activity is viewed as a form of cultural imperialism and is considered highly offensive.

Why do we Americans believe that every other nation should be like us in terms of religious freedom? I have mixed feelings. The U.S. history is different than most other countries as our country was created in response to the state-sponsored religions that persecuted other religions in Europe. Is it not arrogant of us to try to export our system of freedom of religion and separation of church and state to other countries and expect (or demand) that they do similarly? Does that translate into Italy treating all other religions in the same way that they treat Catholicism? So just because American evangelicals want to proselytize in Moslem countries or Catholic countries, they should be allowed to?

Furthermore, Germany also has laws about proselytization and Seventh Day Adventists and Jehovah’s Witnesses have been prosecuted in the last few years for breaking these laws.

I should make the distinction between freedom to practice religion vs. freedom to evangelize. I believe freedom to practice one’s religion should be a universal right. But freedom to evangelize and convert others to one’s religion is more problematic, and not as clear cut in my mind. Especially when someone else’s freedom to evangelize interferes with my right to practice my own religion and with my right as a parent to share my faith with my children without interference from others.

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