German lay organization, backed by bishops, calls for changes in Church policy on marriage [CC]

An influential national body of German lay Catholics has called for dramatic changes in Church policies regarding marriage, prompting a confrontation with one German bishop, the National …


I agree with this German lay group but then I don’t practice the Catholic faith. What I found most interesting though was that Cardinal Marx, the president of the German bishops’ conference, while saying some points in the group’s statement were unacceptable, has however called for Communion for divorced and remarried Catholics, and has said that the German hierarchy will not wait for approval from Rome before implementing their own pastoral policies.

The Church’s policy on communion for divorced and remarried couples is based on an understanding of marriage. If the policy were to change radically then the understanding of what marriage is must precede it. That’s not going to happen, and the policy, if it changes at all, will only do so within the limits of marriage’s understood nature.

And the German hierarchy doesn’t have to wait on Rome before implementing changes?

Five German Bishops Back Bishop’s Public Criticism of Lay Statement

Why is heresy so prevalent in the Catholic Church? I thought we were supposed to be in a New Springtime of the faith?

I’m not being sarcastic; I really am curious why the majority of Catholics reject the Faith.

My guess is they might have reached a point in their journeys where they’ve come to a different understanding of God or on matters of faith than that of the Catholic faith, and can’t therefore in good conscience follow certain elements or aspects of the faith. Still the Church teaches they are Catholics. Though perhaps non practicing or less than completely faithful. Some may revert back to full adherence to the faith. Some might never do so. But calling them heretics I’m not sure is the best way to get them back. My curiosity though about this has more to do, not so much with the laity, but with the Cardinal who is the president of the German bishops’ conference, saying the German hierarchy will not wait for approval from Rome before implementing changes to their own pastoral policies. Blessings!

I think, particularly in the West, a certain intellectual pride presides. Everyone believes himself an authority rather than a part of a whole. Until humility presides too many will insist on their personal ways.

But it’s allowed to thrive so openly? It flaunts itself in the ordinary parishes. Shocking. Where is the episcopal leadership?

This is a dated story already rehashed ad nauseam. The German episcopal conference is not a teaching body and cannot declare itself independent of Rome with its own theology. The laity have absolutely no authority to demand changes in teaching and this goes well beyond the scope of the intent of the survey of the faithful.

Just because the noise of dissidents is loud and long and annoying it is no reason to pay them any mind. :shrug:

From the article:

Cardinal Reinhard Marx, the president of the German bishops’ conference, said that some points in the ZdK statement were “theologically unacceptable.”

So I wouldn’t jump to too many conclusions.

Do not be disturbed. Looking at church history, there have always been heresies and one reason why church councils are called which condemn them and clarify authentic teaching. Tradition and scripture are rich with the apocalyptic language prophesying such things and the apostasy is very real in our age. It is a time of purification and those who wish to refashion the church will be defeated - no matter how badly things seem to go. The Bride of Christ will be persecuted and suffer much, but because she belongs to Christ - not the pope or the bishops or the theologians, she will remain intact (even if driven underground.) Now is the time for the faithful to become saints, through patient endurance and much prayer.

St. Catherine of Siena said "The world is rotten because of silence." When the heretic yells and screams loud and the authentic Catholics are silent, it paints a picture that majority of Catholics want to be progressive and reject the faith. It is every person’s obligation to defend his faith and have his voice heard. If you want the true faith to be upheld and the doctrine to be kept, you need to speak up, to your brothers and sisters, to your priests, to your bishop. And defend your faith with all means of media such as this forum, your face book, twitter, and everywhere. Otherwise, the heretics will appear to be the majority and confuse many people.

Who does not defend the Christ, Christ will not defend him in front of the Father.

Thanks. Please forgive and ignore my stupid comment. You have all just there.

The Catholic Church’s German Crisis

It amazes me that they have so much money, so much resources, are the second largest employer int the country, have local and regional governments that should be favorable to them, so much potential influence and somehow they are doing much much worse than catholic churches in countries that are dirt poor and sometimes persecuted? Why is that the more money the German church has the only thing they seem to care about is growing their bureaucracy and what you do on that all important day that you file your taxes.

Be blessed!

I agree Tigg.

What surprises me in the extreme, is the lack of response from the Vatican and the Pope. I know that Cardinal Muller and others have been vocal regarding the German Bishops and that they directed their energies toward Cardinal Marx in particular but leadership is severely lacking from the hierarchy of late.

As you are all aware, here in Ireland we have just passed the ‘same-sex marriage’ referendum without hardly a mention in our churches. In my parish, our priest referred to the letter from our Bishop and stated that we could take it home and read it ourselves. It was supposed to be read out at Mass. Our priest continued by saying ‘I’m sure that ye are all fed up with this stuff’. Many priests in Ireland came out in favour of this referendum and there has been no (and I hesitate to use the word) censure from their bishops.

Fr. Iggy O’Donovan argued that we can support ‘civil gay marriage’ and be faithful Catholics at the same time by quoting the words of Jesus to back this up when Our Lord said ‘Render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s’. Is there such a thing as sin being okay if it is ‘civil’. Can we really separate our faith from our public life? Is everything just fine if we are ‘civil’ to each other? Next we’ll be holding a referendum on ‘civil murder’ and ‘civil theft’ etc which according to this way of thinking, is perfectly okay with the Lord as long as it’s not ‘actual’ murder and theft. I do despair!!

This seems to be more than a movement led by laity.

If the Church were at some point to acknowledge same sex marriages as essentially valid, wouldn’t the Church have to declare fornication and any other sin of the flesh as no longer sinful? Mortal sins being declared no longer sinful?

I would expect the current Church’s views on contraception would also have to be changed and the use of artificial contraception acknowledged as an acceptable means of contraception and not sinful.

Pater Noster

There are opposition from young bishops in Germany.

God bless Them!!

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