German magazine sparks furor with image of Trump beheading Statue of Liberty


German magazine sparks furor with image of Trump beheading Statue of Liberty

German weekly magazine Der Spiegel sparked controversy at home and abroad on Saturday with a front cover illustration of U.S. President Donald Trump beheading the Statue of Liberty.

It depicts a cartoon figure of Trump with a bloodied knife in one hand and the statue’s head, dripping with blood, in the other. It carries the caption: “America First”.

The artist who designed the cover, Edel Rodriguez, a Cuban who came to the United States in 1980 as a political refugee, told The Washington Post: “It’s a beheading of democracy, a beheading of a sacred symbol.”

The cover set off a debate on Twitter and in German and international media, with Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, a member of Germany’s Free Democrats (FDP) and vice president of the European Parliament, describing it as “tasteless”.

How apropos…spreading good will among nations


It’s very ironic. Considering the beheadings that the jihadist factions love to document, the EO does play right into their hands. The terrorists want us to fear them and they see the EO as a victory.


The very people Der Speigel demands we admit would put a hijab over Lady Liberty.


Symbol for the age.
Beheading lady liberty.
The Germans have been down this road. Maybe we should listen to them.


If the EU put safety of its people 1st there would a lot more around to see Der Spiegel’s inane cover. Cartoonists everywhere praising Der Speigel cover, except at Charlie Hebdo.


That’s the beauty of a simple image.
It conveys a message haters cannot respond to.
Jump up and down and go red with anger.
The image remains. Its point powerful and truthful.
It won’t go away.


Its point is only powerful and truthful to the left.

The right thinks the point is dumb. A man elected to a position is destroying democracy despite not having done a single thing to undermine it. I’m supposed to take that seriously?

Just the losers complaining again. If Trump does do something to undermine democracy, the left is going to find it self in the position of the boy who cried wolf.


checking post #1
Nope, still there.
Strike a nerve?


Nope not at all.
You’re being fooled by the left.
Keep believing there is no freedom in the U.S. when there are 2 mil people who just came in to the U.S. yesterday and 2mil tomorrow and a 100,000 coming over the border illegally looking for freedom.




Who cares?

They have a printing press. DT has the keys to AF1 and the codes to a whole lot of plutonium firecrackers. He wins. Let them burn away.

Getting burnt-on is part of being “somebody.” He’s used to it by now.



No. I understand that you seem to think a strong poignant point has been made. Cool. I’m glad you’re pleased with it. I don’t see it myself. My reaction is more “oh, here they go again. Complaining about nothing and telling each other how right they are. Okay.” I see this the same way I see kids who start complaining about how hard life is when they don’t know how good they’ve got it.


“The Pope? How many divisions has he got?”
Josef Stalin


Are you comparing a liberal rag to the head of the Holy Church???



I think he is comparing Trump to Stalin.



Imagine the reaction if an American conservative paper had drawn a picture of Obama the same way.

Didn’t he boast about turning away more illegal immigrants than any one else?

But in that case it would be racist and (yawn) Islamophobic and probably (yawn) sexist as well. Then there’s the obvious Nazi (yawn) connection and the person of colour appropriation etc etc.

Really I wonder how few brain cells you actually need to be a Progressive?


I think the point is that the plaque beneath the Statue of Liberty reads:

"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

Therefore, Trump attacking illegal immigrants and banning refugees can be likened to him decapitating Lady Liberty. So symbolically it’s correct.


He’s not banning anyone, he’s trying to vet them to make sure they are “tired, homeless, poor, and yearning to breathe free…”, and not coming here to destroy all those people who have come here before to the U.S., to make those words true.


Perhaps I should have said “temporarily banning” instead. :shrug: But either way, I don’t think it actually changes what the cartoonist is saying.

Then again, since it’s only a temporary ban, perhaps we should uproot and disassemble the statue, put it on a cargo ship, and ask the French to safeguard it for us until Trump’s out of office. :hmmm: It would at least create some jobs, I suppose.


It does change what the cartoonist is saying because we are letting thousands of people into our country every day of the week and their are plenty coming over our border.

One track minds. The left hates Trump and anything he does. The left is going to keep crying for 4 years, maybe 8. A bunch of spoiled children stamping their feet until they get what they want. Get over it.

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