German Muslim students protest Holocaust remembrance, attack Israel


Muslim students with Arab and Turkish origins protested participation in an International Holocaust remembrance event for the liberation of the German extermination camp Auschwitz on January, 27* while the school management showed understanding for their criticism of Israel.

“Some Muslims students said they would not participate in the action,” said Florian Beer, a teacher at the school in the city of Gelsenkirchen in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, reported the paper Der Westen on Thursday.

The Holocaust Remembrance event is part of a global commemoration action to take selfie photographs with a sign saying “I Remember“ or “We Remember.“ A remembrance plaque at the school was desecrated with the sentence: “F*** Israel, free Palestine.” The school was not able to identify the perpetrator or perpetrators.


This is becoming all too common.


That’s terrible! :frowning:

He who blesses Israel will be blessed, and he who curses Israel will be cursed.


Multiculturalism and diversity being exposed for the failures they are. Good.




The chaos was brought here by the globablists, who lied to us and shamed us against our better instincts. Their deceptions are exposed. That is a good thing.


Good, they can go join E. Michael Jones and the pro-Hitler drones on Suscipe Domine Forums. :smiley:


Holocaust denial is a criminal offence in Germany. Hopefully all of these racist antisemitic terror supporters will be arrested and deported. Germany doesn’t need them and the German people are getting tired of free loading degenerates abusing their hospitality. In the words of former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl:“If you invite a guest into your house and they break your furniture and insult your wife, you throw them out”.


So it is written; so it shall be. Glory to God.

Some high school students behaved like jerks. This used to happen at my school half a century ago, in a strictly mono-cultural little town.


Jerks will be jerks. Isolating ourselves from the rest of the world will not change that fact.




As to the desecrated plaque, not able to id the perpetrators, or not willing to? Students fail to do assignments all the time, just because they are muslims this becomes international news? Did any european germans refuse to do it?


Like most offenses involving children (teens are still kids) this should be handled privately at the school level, along with local police. It would be good to talk to the parents and see where these attitudes are coming from. It could be the family, it could be the mosque, it could be the internet, it could be friends. It’s too soon to judge them. Or, they could be just like teens everywhere that rebel against the mainstream.


So we should just open the flood gates to any and all third world savages?:rolleyes: Japan does not have the mass rapes or shootings that Europe does , why? Because they wisely chose to remain a homogeneous society, the West should strive to be more like them.


I agree. It is terrible that a remembrance of such a horrific event is greeted with such derision and disrespect.

[quote=ClearWater]He who blesses Israel will be blessed, and he who curses Israel will be cursed.

This Biblical citation must be given its Catholic (true) context.

“Israel” refers to Abraham and his descendants. According to Catholic teaching, this includes everyone (Jew or Gentile) who accepts Jesus Christ as Savior and who belongs to His Church, the “new Israel”. As Catholics, spiritually, we are Israelites.

It is a theological error to associate this citation with the current state of Israel.


And how does this align with Our Lord’s command to welcome the stranger? In Hebrews, we are thus entreated:

“Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” Hebrews 13:2


Some kids scrawled offensive graffiti on a plaque and now all Islamic immigrants are savages? I do not agree.

On what evidence do you suggest that rape is more common in Europe than in Japan, or that immigrants are more responsible for rapes than born residents? How is the subject of rape even relevant in a thread about a graffiti incident.

Also: No. I do not think we should ‘open the floodgates’. I think that jerks will be jerks and that we will not put an end to jerkiness by forbidding immigration. I said nothing about encouraging or increasing immigration.


The fact that we Christians are spiritually included among the Israelites does not mean that the Jews have ceased to be Israelites. Who blesses the Jews, God will bless. Who curses the Jews, God will curse.


Hear hear !


I wonder why one poster here hates traditional Catholics so much?:shrug:

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