German Nuptial Mass prayers

Because we have a huge worldwide membership in CAF, I figured this would be a good place to start. I would be most appreciative if someone were to direct me to where I could find the Nuptial Blessing prayer (for use during the Mass) in German. I have looked up on Yahoo and Google and have had no luck.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

This is what I need translated:

Father, by your power you have made everything out of nothing.
In the beginning you created the universe
and made mankind in your own likeness.
You gave man the constant help of woman
so that man and woman should no longer be two, but one flesh,
and you teach us that what you have united
may never be divided.

Father, you have made the union of man and wife so holy a mystery
that it symbolizes the marriage of Christ and his Church.

Father, by your plan man and woman are united,
and married life has been established
as the one blessing that was not forfeited by original sin
or washed away in the flood.
Look with love upon this woman, your daughter,
now joined to her husband in marriage.
She asks your blessing.
Give her the grace of love and peace.
May she always follow the example of the holy women
whose praises are sung in the scriptures.

May her husband put his trust in her
and recognize that she is his equal
and the heir with him to the life of grace.
May he always honor her and love her
as Christ loves his bride, the Church.

Father, keep them always true to your commandments.

Keep them faithful in marriage
and let them be living examples of Christian life.

Give them the strength which comes from the gospel
so that they may be witnesses of Christ to others.
(Bless them with children
and help them to be good parents.
May they live to see their children’s children.)
And, after a happy old age,
grant them fullness of life with the saints
in the kingdom of heaven.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Response: Amen.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :smiley:

I have used several google. ask and yahoo combinations, but, I have had no luck finding this. When I used bing, I got one closely matching hit until I realized that it only led me back to the thread I started. :eek:

Please, someone, help me.!!! :confused:

I am still not getting any luck. I posted a plea for help on a FB friend’s (German actor) wall. I am hoping that someone out there will have this information. My eyes are getting tired looking through Yahoo, Google and bing.

You may want to send an email to the German Episcopal Conference. Normally, someone there should be able to correspond with you in English and assist you.

Pr.: Laßt uns beten zum Herrn für diese Brautleute, die zur Trauung an den Altar
getreten sind, damit sie (gestärkt durch den Empfang des Leibes und Blutes Christi)
für immer verbunden bleiben in gegenseitiger Liebe.

Wir preisen dich, heiliger Vater, denn du hast den Menschen nach deinem Bild erschaffen als Mann und Frau, damit beide in der Einheit leiblicher und geistiger Liebe in der Welt ihren Auftrag erfüllen. Von Anbeginn war es dein Willen, dass ihre Verbindung in der Ehe ein Abbild deiner Liebe zu den Menschen ist, ein lebendiges Zeugnis für den Bund, den du mit deinem Volke geschlossen hast. Wir danken dir, dass die eheliche Gemeinschaft für deine Gläubigen ein Abbild des Bundes zwischen Christus und der Kirche is. So stellt das Sakrament der Ehe sichtbar dar, wie Christus seine Kirche liebt. Wir bitten dich, Gott, heiliger Vater: Strecke deine Hand aus über N. und N. Gib ihnen die Kraft des Heiligen Geistes für ihr gemeinsames Leben. Verleihe ihnen, o Herr, dass sie in der Gemeinschaft der Ehe ein Herz und eine Seele sind und füreinander Zeichen deiner Gegenwart.Hilf ihnen, ihre Pläne für die Zukunft gemeinsam zu verwirklichen. Schenke ihnen die Kraft, ihre Kinder im Glauben zu erziehen und ihr Leben auszurichten auf dich hin. Schenke der Braut N. die Fülle deines Segens. Laß sie in Liebe und Verständnis ihren Aufgaben als Ehefrau und Mutter gerecht werden. Auch dem Bräutigam N. werde dein reicher Segen zuteil. Laß ihn ein guter Ehemann und Vater sein. Gewähre, heiliger Vater, den neu Vermählten (die teilnehmen am eucharistischen Mahl) dereinst einen Platz beim himmlischen Hochzeitsmahl. Darum bitten wir durch Jesus Christus, deinen Sohn, unsern Herrn und Gott, der in der Einheit des Heiligen Geistes mit dir lebt und herrscht in alle Ewigkeit.

According to the German liturgical books however, the nuptial blessing follows the exchanging of rings, rather than beings after the Our Father.

You are an angel sent from heaven!!! I wish there was a way to give you a huge hug and a 12-pack of Dr. Pepper made with Imperial Pure Cane Sugar! :thumbsup: :smiley:

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