German police arrest 3 Syrians over alleged ISIS terror plot


(CNN) Three Syrian men were arrested Thursday in Germany on suspicion of planning a terror attack on Düsseldorf on behalf of ISIS, the German attorney general’s office said. The cell – which allegedly included an experienced bomb maker – was plotting a mass casualty attack on the old town of the western German city, using suicide vests and guns, federal prosecutors say. There were no indications that the plot, believed ordered by senior ISIS leadership, was in an advanced stage of implementation, the statement said.


These kinds of people need to be treated as enemy combattants rather than criminals. The criminal justice system is not designed for people who are in a state of warfare against the state.

Indefinite detention until the war is over is what society needs in order to protect themselves from the religious nihilists.


Germany would have been collaborating with ISIS if the Nazi regime survived. Many ISIS members probably admire Nazi Germany.


Islamists share the same fascist ideology as fascists did.


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