German Politician Trolls Parliament’s Gender Identity Debate In The Best Way Possible


Funny but this is how things are becoming.




Lol!!! And the end was terrific :wink:


And what did his grandfather do in the war? Looks a bit like a girl himself DNA studies will probably in the future,beyond our time, the reason for this and that.Its a bit like our attitude to the physically and mentally challenged of yesteryear. Its another case of we read the bible so we must be right


This guy has a point. No one knows where this madness will end.


I for one identify as reproducing via binary fission.


I identify as an Apache attack helicopter.


KaBOOM, baby!


I identify as a banana! :bounce:


I’m a planet with three suns! :wink:


That’s 61.
Be sure to write to him to complain about being slighted in this way.
Hopefully, such inconsideration and boorish indifference to the bananas among us will not turn out to be habitually overlooked in the future.

By the way did you happen to catch his question? By the time I drifted back in from his salutations, he was already saying Thank you.


I identify as a 21 year old. Can I buy a beer? :stuck_out_tongue:


There are those who identify beer as their gender. It is number 62 on the list.

Are you still sure that you still want one?


:eek: :stuck_out_tongue:


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