German Shepherd wins "Best in Show"


He’s a very handsome dog.

This competition is always fun to watch.


Rumor is a she. Have seen her at dog shows prior to her retirement. She is a beauty.


she is a beautiful dog from the pictures I have seen.


German Shepherds are awesome dogs. I’m so happy to see one win this time. Yay!


She is a beauty indeed. As the judge said; she has a air of nobility about her. I’ve had shepherds, they are the best & very, very loyal.




They are indeed. The first dog I ever took into the ring was a GSD. Great dogs, but they do shed a lot.


My runner-up is Chuckie the Pekingese; for inspiring some well-intended laughter watching it waddle along. Heh Heh


I think my German Shepherd looks nicer though he is old.


Have any Bernese Mountain dogs been Best in Show winners?


:blush: Sorry, Rumor. She a beautiful dog, not handsome.

I admire dogs from afar, close up they scare me. In person Rumor might scare me a little. :o:o


Cute little guy. I wonder if they get a regular doggie hair do when they are not competing?

I also get a kick out of the corded dogs.


Oh yes, my Babe sheds all year long.


What a beauty. Australia is in mourning today because Oddball the maremma sheepdog who singlehandedly reinvigorated an entire breeding program of penguins by protecting them day and night has passed away. Perhaps you saw the movie based on his endeavour.

Farewell Oddball. Thank you for your service. :crying:


Thank you indeed. Australia has given the dog world some wonderful breeds. Thank you for that.


Sorry to hear you are afraid of dogs. They give us such unquestioning love and devotion. I hope nothing ever happened to you to give you this fear.


And all that kerfuffle at Crufts last year. You go, Rumour!


I was never bitten as a child. But my aunt had large breed dogs that were poorly trained. They’d bark and try to jump on us when we would visit. I guess to me they seemed aggressive to me.

I was bitten last Christmas by my sister’s in law poodle. I pet him and I guess he wasn’t in the mood so he just chomped down on my hand. Thankfully he didn’t break skin. I’ve always thought he was poorly socialized. He jumped up on my daughter and geabbed a piece of melon from her just inches away from her face.

I guess it isn’t the dogs per se but lack of training for them.


lack of training is a big part of it and dogs are animals. we try to humanize them with our emotions too much I think. they still have animal instincts.


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