German Stem Cell Center Presents Results of Treatment for Cerebral Palsy

An adult stem cell treatment center in Germany, namely the Xcell- Center has released results for 45 cerebral palsy patients treated with their own adult stem cells. 30 have reported improvements in their quality of life using a simple and safe method to extract and implant the adult stem cells.

That is 2 out of 3. Now think if every American with Cerebral Palsy had this simple treatment available to him/her. Think about how many lives could be changed using a patient’s own stem cells.

See the whole story about stem cell treatment for Cerebral Palsy


I encourage you to continue posting. People must be told of safe, ethical treatments that are available to them right now.


This is wonderful news. I seem to be hearing lots of encouraging studies about adult stem cells these days.

I believe I have posted before that it seems quite clear that many those who are so vocal in their support of embryonic stem cell research have an ideological axe to grind. That utilitarian ideology fuels their fervor for embryonic stem cell research (and their support of “abortion rights”, among other things.)

It must be hugely frustrating for them when high profile people like Dr. Mehmet Oz states, boldly, and to Oprah Winfrey and Michael J. Fox, yet, that “the stem cell debate is dead”, and says that adult stem cell research is what holds promise.

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