Germans will be asked to stock pile food, water, money and medicine for the first time since the Cold War to help prepare for an armed attack


*]Germany is set to announce the measures in a new Civil Defence Plan
*]Citizens will be asked to store food to last 10 days and water for 5 days
*]Medicine, energy and money will also be the focus in attack preparations
*]The move comes after several terror attacks in the country this year


lol at 10 days. I’d not even be into my MRE’s at that point.

I dunno how much water I have, really. Water is actually a pain to store.

Although their government telling them to do it does trip my paranoia meter.


Apparently the hazard for which citizens are to be prepared is some kind of terrorist act or acts, not invasion by the Russkies.

I would think ordinary Germans would now be furious with their government for allowing the refugee inflow.

But this is not some joke, either, including for the U.S. There are a lot of very vulnerable facilities here, destruction of which would cause a tremendous problem. And it wouldn’t take an EMP to do it, either.

And, when it comes to the food supply, there are a lot of people about whom one might wonder, working in the food supply chain. A lot.

Sooner or later, we’ll learn the true cost of admitting tens of thousands of people to this country about which we know little or nothing.


Maybe I just grew up with too many Mormons, forest fires or heavy snow storms, but we’ve always kept supplies like that for any kind of emergency. You don’t have to be a prepper to know it’s prudent since any number of things can leave you stranded.

It doesn’t matter if it is a man made or natural disaster, people should have some level of supplies incase they are suddenly cut off from modern conveniences. Heck a backhoe digging in the wrong place can leave you SOL for several days to a week.


Paranoia doesn’t even come into it. People in other countries are generally used to directives from government in ways that USAniks will never be.

And that amount of storage will entail a substantial sacrifice for some. Many of those quaint little cottages from centuries ago, that we see on postcards, are still lived in full-time. A huge storage cellar would not be an option.



Talking to a friend in Israel and another in London; I’m convinced that the Leftists in America and the EU want to suppress Judaeo Christian values. As the number of Muslims grows in an area / country, there absolutely will be major problems. This on top of the fact that 24-7 there are ppl worldwide trying to hack whatever they can!! Always have water and nonparisable food for a month, and rotate it all. And we must pray without ceasing for :us::israel::church:


I am not paranoid by any stretch but having a wife that is one of the top 30 people in the county that deals with disaster recovery in the business world does train you to be prepared. We have about 3 months of food at any given time as we buy in bulk and can store about 300 gallons of water. There are three of us for that is about 100 days of water. Knowing my neighbors they have the same amount of food. When you live in the country you take on country ways.


For several decades the U.S. Government has advised its citizens to maintain preparation for a number emergencies.
September is National Preparedness Month

Maybe Germany is simply catching up with reality?


its just not that hard to store 15 days worth of food.


A quart of olive oil, 5 pound bag of dried beans (60 servings) and a 5 pound bag of rice (30 servings) goes a long way and is very inexpensive.

Approximately $20 total cost for all three.


Water storage is the biggest challenge for us. One week for my family is around 50-60 gallons (depends how clean we want to be). Mostly a matter of the bulkiness. Too bad water doesn’t compress well. :frowning:


Indeed, even stuff that does store easily does so often by removing the water.



I have two water bobs that go into the tubs. fill them up and youre good.


In an emergency, you would only need drinking water. One liter per person per day.

12 bottles of water at the dollar store for $2.

OR, when you buy fruit juice, get it in plastic containers, then rinse them out, refill them with water and store in a closet or basement shelf.

For $20 at the dollar store, you can buy a week’s worth of supplies … good for starters.


Not guns?

Well … :confused: :shrug:

… better to be a healthy, well fed prisoner I suppose.


It’s Germany, not the USA.

Fighting in huge ‘freedom battles’ is not part of their tradition.



I dont own any guns, well I own one, but it is a 1911 that was made in 1918. It hasnt been fired in my lifetime.

My wife came home and we did some talking, from what she is hearing in the community of BC/DR the thinking is a bio threat type situation and Germans will have to shelter in place.


One average size bath tub holds 35+ gallons.
One average size hot water tank holds 40+
Include liquids in canned or bottled foods.

Even with a short notice most people would have enough water for a number of days.

Water is premium and worth keeping in bottle form in storage if there is space.


Be sure it’s checked and cleaned before you try to shoot it!



No few country people have a hand pump on their well as well as the electric pump. Could turn out to be handy in an emergency. In my part of the country, there are a lot of springs that have perfectly good limestone water. Water storage would not be a problem for very many people.

Again, if one lives in the country, there is a lot of livestock, and some farmers have enormous stores of grain. Would people share? I know I would, and if some grain farmer wouldn’t share, he might want some grass-fed beef, which I can supply.

Protecting it all could be a challenge, because in a really serious emergency, city people might decide to raid the countryside and strip it bare of everything. Country people would really have to band together to protect against that. But they know the countryside, which others would not.

Nothing about a “be prepared or die” situation would be pretty.

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