Germany defeats Argentina 1-0 to win the World Cup


Deutschland Deutschland uber alles!


Congrats to Germany for winning a world cup without any help as is written about in 1954:

And congrats to the Refs for not giving a red card to the German player in the first half.

Congrats to the German goalkeeper flying 50 mph through the air as well risking giving the opposition concussions.

Argentina didn’t execute their chances. But congrats to them too.


So it’s OVER! Thank the Good Lord!!!




That was the final game, right? The whole World Cup thing is over, right?


I wanted Argentina to win.



Me too, but Germany were worthy winners.

Congratulations to both teams for playing attractive football.





Ja, ja. I was for England in 1990 when Germany beat them on penalties. I think I took that game harder than any other. I think I actually cried. It’s funny how times change. All my angst and furor against Germany have evaporated. Now I wring my hands at the English ;).

Germany deserved it. And there were so many really good open games this time (a few clunkers). Can’t wait for the next Cup. One of the truly great things in life. The European Cup is in Glasgow I think, 2016. Only two years…


With a billion viewers, who’s to say it won’t be every year?

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