Germany machete attack: Syrian migrant kills Polish woman

If you haven’t heard, there was a bigger attack in Germany today, too. If you’re wondering where it says “Syrian migrant,” (refugee is often seen as pejorative in the UK press), it’s in the article’s title.

Police said the attack happened after an argument developed between the man and the 45-year-old Polish woman. Police said there was no indication that it was terrorist attack and it was more likely to have been “a crime of passion”.

The incident comes amid tension after other bloody events in the past week. A shooting rampage in Munich on Friday left nine people dead while an axe attack on a train a week ago injured several people. The 21-year-old man arrested in Reutlingen was acting alone, police said.

The victim and her attacker both worked at the same Turkish fast-food restaurant close to where the argument took place, German media reported.


Unfortunate. We must hope and pray for the German people at these troubling times…

This sounds like something that the German SS would have done to a Polish woman 75 years ago.

“Oh, but they didn’t prove any terrorist involvement yet! He’s probably a well-meaning, hard-working asylum-seeker who was taunted by this crude Polish woman in a racist manner!” (Sarcasm)

But that’s probably what the left will say, unfortunately. I think that’s it’s beyond denial that this cannot be shooed away!

This is what happens when you let unlimited numbers of Muslim refuges into Western countries. They hate us and will continue to kill us. The blood of all these innocent victims is on Chancellor Merkels hands. (We should not forget the unprecedented number of sexual assaults that are occurring either)

That’s what the extreme right nationalists of Germany say; the NPD and the AfD.
I am German, living in Karlsruhe/Germany, and we got a shop for religious things (Nativity scenes, Crosses, Madonnas, Angels etc). My wife is 78. Disregarding her age, she was sexually attacked in our shop last March (on her birthday) by an unknown refugee of most likely North-Africa (unidentified he fled).
We still where about to give a little flat in our house to a refugee. Well the formalities took too long, so we let it to a Jewish young woman (the synagoge is right next door).

The great Chancellor Merkel acted in a most Christian way, and could not act any other way. Remember the metaphor of the good Samaritan Jesus gave His listeners. Actually Jesus warned in Mt 10,5 not to go to the places of the Samaritans, as they where infidel, but now Jesus made clear, that no-one is entitled to say this or that peoples are bad, by emphasizing that all humans are loved by God, and all the humanity consists of 7 billions of individuals.

What should the real good Chancellor Frau Merkel have done? Should she have let the refugees - men, women, children - perish on the border?
Let’s in all these fast assessments we so often tend to stete, first consider as to - WHAT WOULD JESUS HAVE DONE?
Before Merkel we had the atheist Gerhard Schröder as Chancellor. He probably had acted different. I don’t know. He’s happy not to be in charge of any solution - which one so ever. Europe hasn’t found one yet, as there is no satisfying solution to the huge challenge and problem.
Yes, the masses of refugees who moreover so Moslems, are a huge problem. But God never said we live in a world without problems. Problems even keep increasing world-wide.

Yes, the „Arab Spring“ for years now causes much distress and suffering among masses of people who see the only solution in flight. And yes, with these masses of refugees on the flight certainly also a number of real bad people come along too with that big stream of refugees we truly can’t watch perishing on our borders. In any mass of people you got some evil ones too.
Yes, not only the bad ones, bring us problems, but the masses with their very much different culture and religion does too.

But how should we differ in the masses between good people and bad people? Even more so, when masses wait and press after them?
Most of them also suffer a post-war-syndrome, many children are traumatized. Aren’t we all called to help the least among us, and when we did, we helped Jesus, for he called even the least, His brother and sister.
Mt 18,5 - Mt 25,45 and many others.

Chancellor Merkel - daughter of a great priest, acted as the Gospel told her to act. Should we blame her for acting Christian-like? OK - many Germans do blame her similar as you did. But how could we then justify ourselves before Christ?


Praying for her soul & for her family.


I would say that perhaps (I do not know her personally, so I can only take a vague guess…) Angela Merkel did do her best to act in a Christian manner, given the tough circumstances. Yet I have also known that the EU, NATO, and potentially the UN would force a nation to accept a wave of refugees, regardless of whether they have the resources or they can protect themselves, not considering the consequences. That how these NGOs get to be every year…

However, I am not sure of the numbers in Germany, but it costs over $10,000 more USD to settle a Syrian migrant in the US as opposed to settling them in another region of the Middle East. Of course, there are many problems, and one solution is not likely to fix it. But in the Middle East, they do have a more comfortable cultural environment for themselves.

God bless you and your wife and prayers for Germany in these though times. Thank you for your post, and I hope to pray especially for you and your wife.

God bless.

The leader of a nation should not be acting in a manner that could cause harm to it’s own citizens no matter what their religious affiliation or intent. Innocent German citizens are being killed and sexually abused because of this mass migration policy, and not even the sexual attack on your own wife has changed your mind. You have no right to insist that other German citizens must suffer the same fate. I myself would be livid and would demand that the country’s leader step down for what they had put in motion that would cause such things to happen.

Chancellor Merkel could have used the German Armed Forces to go into Syria and establish safe zones, provide humanitarian aid and eliminate those groups that are associated with terrorist actions that are occurring with increasing regularity around the world. What’s the matter, can’t your troops fight anymore? All those migrants now in Germany could have been kept safe right there in their own country.

Here in America we have a problem with President Obama who thus far has let in some 6,726 Muslim Syrian refuges, but only 23 Christian Syrian refuges. Why does he let in so many Muslims but only a few Christians? Does Mr. Obama hate his fellow Christians? This is so sad. I will tell you that I believe in the future this kind of policy will cause us no end of problems.

Well, the thing is that President Obama cannot justify the fact that hardly any Christian Syrians have been let in. He can say “there are few because they have been killed.” Killed by whom? Syrian Muslims. That doesn’t make him look very good.

He could say “because the Muslims are in more dire need.” No, they are not – yes, both Christians and Muslims have been killed in Syria, let alone the Jews and the Baha’is (who both moved, mostly, on pain of death). That doesn’t make him look very good either, especially since President Obama and his party play the discrimination card every time a conservative or moderate tries to get something done.

Of course, many liberal democrats would be happy that there will be more “diversity” in America (multiculturalism with vastly different cultures has rarely ever worked historically, it’s practically an invasion).

Well, tyranny is a bad thing. I think that the greatest Catholic philosopher of the Middle Ages, St. Thomas Aquinas, would say that, at least in the particular matter of refugees, this is tyranny if the “monarch” (for lack of a better comparison in his language) is ruling unjustly:

If, on the other hand, a regime is ruled unjustly (that is, for the sake of the ruler(s) and not for the common weal), it is called a tyranny when ruled by one, an oligarchy when ruled by a few, and a democracy when ruled by the multitude (On Kingship, Book 1, Chapter 1;Commentary on the Politics, Book 3, Lecture 6 [393-394])

The allowance of something that is dangerous into the country is for the sake of the ruler’s image, perhaps, and not of the “common weal” (that is, those living rightfully in the country). Sure, it’s a little outdated, from the 13th century, but St. Aquinas is a good judge on this because he is not only a Christian, but a saint and an educated philosopher. Also, he, like Aristotle, divided government into six basic types (today, we can find more complex governments). [source]

So it is a matter of whether Chancellor Merkel is using her authority justly and whether it is against the will of the populace.

That is certainly reasonable, and Germany could have asked the US and NATO for help (while we’re at it, getting in other countries’ business).

Washington is very good at doing that, but not good for the country being intruded upon.

Washington does what Washington wants. Sometimes, if we’re lucky, they might do what the people want…

When did they make that policy change, last I looked they have mucked up everything they touched these last 50 odd years with the exception of Granada.

At some point during the course of each and every day, I ask myself how Angela Merkel is still in office. It really does amaze me that she’s still Chancellor after all these attacks and rapes and whatnot. Of course, I do realize that the media is well organized enough to create any sort of impression that they wish, through selectively focusing on certain groups while ignoring other groups. Obviously we’ve seen that tactic employed against Catholic priests for decades. Still, it does seem clear that Germany is in trouble, and that a million plus refugees who flat out refuse to integrate on any level whatsoever, are probably going to also raise their children as Middle Easterners and not as Germans.

The most galling thing about the Merkel government is the cover-ups.
Every attempt had been made to pretend that the rape jihad of thousands was not even happening.
We can only hope that moderate Germans will not harden their hearts to what is happening. Otherwise the only ones who will be speaking for the victims of the Merkel policy will be the extremists.

“Remember the Rotherdam” needs to be a rallying call for all of Europe, and not left to the extremists to be the leaders of that cause.

Being Catholic is really difficult because it seems to borderline on being unrealistic. Like the ill fated children’s crusade, allowing 1,000s of Muslims into your country out of a sense of compassion seems widely reckless.

Being Christian shouldn’t require you to be imprudent.

I think it’s actually completely impossible for Americans to get a sense of what’s going in Germany without having lived there in the recent past, or at the very least having travelled there in the recent past. We simply cannot rely on mass media to that extent. It’s apparently true that crimes and attempted crimes by recent migrant are being underreported,

but it must be remembered at all times that these numerous examples we hear of create a distorted effect in our minds. We see a list of one hundred or two hundred sex crimes and it has a tremendous emotional impact on us, but we should bear in mind that there are tens of thousands of such crimes committed each year by German nationals.

The best first step in learning how to gauge reality via mainstrem media is to first clearly, clearly understand that everything they say is a filthy lie, and is deliberately designed to influence us and to steer us in various directions. Once we’ve thoroughly internalized that fact, then we can begin to pick apart what they’re saying and try to develop a coherent picture of a given subject.

And today another attack in France. But of course Democrats here in America want to emulate the French and the Germans in regards to this issue. We cannot let that happen.

Well, think of all the wise Christian leaders, king, and emperors that have lived and died over the centuries. Many are now saints and have had positive effects on history. Look at St. Constantine the Great: he legalized Christianity with his co-regent, he managed the Roman Empire, etc. Look at King St. Stephen I of Hungary: he made Christianity the official state religion of the Hungarian people, effecting the history of Europe even into the modern day.

Neither of those saint-kings jeopardized their people just to look Christian. I agree with you, Tony.

But what goal does the media have? In the United States, the media is mostly liberal (save for anything owned by Fox News or CCTV, which is a Chinese and Chinese American news channel). For instance, when the refugees crossed into Hungary, they tried to make us feel sorrowful for them so we’d be “open” to allowing undocumented refugees enter our country and pollute our culture.

In Germany, I think that the government (especially one in which Angela Merkel’s policies are not questioned) is overtly liberal… perhaps the media is, too???

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