Germany’s Largest State OVERWHELMINGLY Votes to Ban Migrants

Is everyone far right (sic) now?

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I don’t think being against open borders means you are far right

sensible is the word that comes to mind


I think the term far ‘right’ is like the term ‘rigid’. It’s main use is to denigrate instead of being based in the real world. I don’t meet too many people going around introducing themselves as ‘far right’ or ‘rigid’ people.

What many normal sensible people advocated for a few years ago in border security was irresponsibly designated as ‘Nazi’ and ‘far right’, uncompassionate, or even unchristian.

Now everyone has those policies. Hence the question, are we all far right now?

Where are the apologies for such irresponsible denigrating labels of a few years ago when the vast bulk of politics now agrees with the values?

I just think this identity politics victimhood culture is intellectually incoherent and quite a few people need to face up to that.


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