Germany’s soldiers forced to use BROOMSTICK for a gun as Donald Trump blasts Angela Merkel over NATO spending


Remind me why we need NATO again?


Maybe it’s time for Poland to avenge itself by conquering Germany and imposing a serious tax for WWII reparations. :slight_smile:


The Germans could beat Poland without using guns. And France too.


NPR was spinning hard on this earlier today,
arguing that they didn’t even need to spend 2%.


Might it be that Germany…after the horrors inflicted by the nazis on the world might be a little hesitant building a strong military again


Which would make Trump questioning their value as an ally very appropriate. If they’re not willing to provide for their own defense, why should we worry about it?


The Cold War is over. It’s been over for a while.


So we should discard Nato. There is no threat to Europe anymore why does the US and Canda need to worry about non-exsistence threats on that side of the world?


2% of GDP doesn’t qualify as a “strong military”
But it might be one that could arm some soldiers or get a jet in the air.

German armed forces in ‘dramatically bad’ shape, report finds


Economic powerhouse. Very influential in that region of the world. Just two reasons.


Third good reason, never give Putin anything he wants, and he really really really wants NATO to go away.


I doubt they could beat either one. Certainly, France is a lot better armed than Germany at present, and has more men under arms. Poland isn’t, but its people are a determined sort.


Regarding German manhood they have no stomach for conflict. This is the country where immigrants have inflicted mass rape on German women and the mayors meekly suggest the German women dress more modestly. Not much to respect left in that place.


Might be some hope for Bavaria.


Why? Appeasement works, doesn’t it? I mean, before World War 2, ohhh.

I think we have met the new Neville Chamberlain.


France has nuclear capabilities. Germany does not. My question is why not?


Putin is the new Chamberlin, who’d have thunk it, because last year POTUS was going to start WWIII…


From Germany’s standpoint right now, I couldn’t say. But in the years shortly after WWII, I don’t think Germany was particularly trusted. In any case, like Japan, it had the onus of “aggressor” hanging over it for a long time. Neither France nor Britain did, and both went nuclear decades ago.


Good argument. Maybe then we should be happy they don’t build up too much of a military.


I never though of it that way, but yes. Trump does seem to want to give Putin a pass on just about everything.

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