Germany: some Christian refugees face threats from Muslims [CC]


Syrian and Iraqi Christians who have sought asylum in Germany have been faced threats from Muslims fellow residents at a Munich home for asylum seekers, according to a report from …



Incredible, is there no place safe for Christians? I understand that the U.S. has not encouraged them to come here? Perhaps they should seek refuge in Latin America? But this really is too sad to understand.



Praying for their safety & well being.


Here is a more in depth article. Several things all this proves, " liberalism is a mental disorder, " " political correctness will kill us, " and contraceptiion, abortion, euthenasia lead to political death.

Apparently, many of the ISIS monsters are former Chechean fighters, master terrorists. Remember how the media played up sympathy for the Chechean fighters about ten or fifteen years ago? It’s really odd how the media always sympathasizes with the terrorists.


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