Germany's neo-Nazi underground

Ten murders blamed on a neo-Nazi underground cell have raised fresh fears about far-right extremism in Germany. BBC Radio One Newsbeat’s Sima Kotecha went to investigate.

There have been reports of pro-Hitler parties here during the summer months where guests sing “Hitler is my Fuehrer”, and chant “Heil” around a bonfire. The village is in one of only two states where the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD) has a seat in parliament.

It is places like Jamel that are increasingly worrying the German Bundestag - especially after recent revelations of a neo-Nazi terror cell in the eastern town of Zwickau which operated under the name “National Socialist Underground” (NSU).

Investigators believe it was behind a string of racially motivated murders between 2000 and 2006 in which eight Turks and a Greek were killed. A policewoman was murdered in 2007.

Since the Nazis were a far left wing organization I am curious as to how a neo-Nazi group could be considered far right-wing?

Nazism was founded out of elements of the far-right racist völkisch German nationalist movement and the violent anti-communist Freikorps paramilitary culture that fought against the uprisings of communist revolutionaries in post-World War I Germany.

Beginning in the 1870s, German völkisch nationalism began to adopt anti-Semitic and racist themes and was adopted by a number of radical right political movements. Völkisch nationalism denounced soulless materialism, individualism, and secularized urban industrial society, while advocating a “superior” society based on ethnic German “folk” culture and way of life, based upon German “blood”. It also denounced foreigners, foreign ideas and declared that Jews, national minorities, Catholics, and Freemasons were “traitors to the nation” and unworthy of inclusion in the German Volk. Völkisch nationalism saw the world in terms of natural law and romanticism, viewed societies as organic, it extolled the virtues of rural life, condemned the neglect of tradition and decay of morals, denounced the destruction of the natural environment, and condemned “cosmopolitan” cultures such as Jews and Romani.

Prominent historical figures of such völkisch nationalism include Eugen Diederichs, Paul de Lagarde, and Julius Langbehn. Radical anti-Semitism was promoted by these figures. De Lagarde called the Jews a “bacillus, the carrier of decay…who pollute every national culture…and destroy all faith with their materialistic liberalism” and he called for the extermination of the Jews. Langbehn called for a war of annihilation of the Jews and Langbehn’s genocidal policies were published by the Nazis and given to soldiers on the front during World War II.

The Nazi ideology was developed first by Anton Drexler and then Adolf Hitler as a means to draw workers away from communism and into völkisch nationalism. Initially Nazi political strategy focused on anti-big business, anti-bourgeois, and anti-capitalist rhetoric, though such aspects were later downplayed in the 1930s to gain the support from industrial owners for the Nazis, focus was shifted to anti-Semitic and anti-Marxist themes.

A majority of scholars identify Nazism in practice as being a far right form of politics.

Fascicm was then and is now a variant of socialism. It is one of those enduring Liberal myths that Facism is a Right wing ideaolgy .

Such bizarre groups including the British National Party, NF,… or the paedophile club Vereniging Martijn in the Netherland… unfortunately exist and are protected by the constitution until there is evidence that…

There has been a neo-Nazi underground in Germany since the end of the war. It has erupted with violent attacks and murders periodically over the decades. But it has definitely gotten a boost in the past generation following the collapse of the East, where there are a lot of disenfranchised and malcontented Germans who long for the supposed ‘glory’ of the past.

Reading the news, I think neo-Nazism and neo-fascism movements are more prevalent in Russia than anywhere else in Europe.

Sounds left to me.:shrug:

Anit-semetism and Eugenics have always been hallmarks of the extreme left.

Estesbob, stop making sense. Just drink to PC Kool-aid and do what your told.


The ‘anti-big business’ etc rhetoric was predominantly part of a theme of returning to a (highly idealised) German past - farming, artisan manufacture and Volksgemeinschaft (folk community) to be achieved through “Gleichschaltung” (the co-ordination of German life). The inherent contradiction, of course, was that it would require an intensification of Capitalism to create the kind of war machine necessary to achieve such a Greater Germany Folk Community. Industrialists, of course, saw it as a wonderful opportunity to smash socialism and communism.

Some people confuse Volksgemeinschaft with socialism.

I was thinking that the program sounded more populist than either left or right.

But that is historical Nazism. I am not sure it the motivations of the neo-Nazis are the same.

Naziism is not a far right ideology, it is far left, with communism.

Ever hear of Don Quixote? How can you defeat a dragon without creating one in your own mind first. It bears little relevance that the “dragon” is actually a windmill.

The point is, of course, that the aims of the NSDAP were to take German society to a kind of pre-capitalist stage - truly reactionary one might say. This wasn’t what later (in Europe) was known as Poujadism - populist right-wing stuff - anti-establishment, anti-intellectual, anti-tax (I don’t know if there’s been an American equivalent).

The NSDAP basically replaced the other right-wing parties, electorally-speaking, apart from the Catholic parties (there was one Catholic Party for Bavaria, one for the rest of Germany).

Wow you really dont understand economics do you?

Ever hear of corporatism (the basis of Fascism)? As opposed to Socialism (cooperatively owned means of production)?

Oh but i forgot “BIG GUMMIMENT=SOCIALISM” right glenn beck?

By that logic feudalism is also left wing

I know that “coporatism” is the new boogeyman of the Left. let me guess-Coporatiswm is funded by the Koch brothers, promoted by Fox news and was started by George Bush? Have I covered all the bases?

Lol not gonna justify that one with a response

It actually is a great statement that deserves an response. By saying this, your admitting you don’t have one.

Im not talking about American Conservatism. Im talking about fascism. Are you denying that Benito Mussolini endorsed corporatism?

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