Germany's neo-Nazi underground

Well… pardon me, but if that’s true, then it looks like the extreme left is having a pretty good time these days. Especially in Denmark, where not only is Eugenics happening, but it seems it will actually succeed in eliminating an entire group of people (at least in that country)

Didn’t you see those headlines that Denmark expects there won’t be a single autisitc child there in the near future? They’re using abortion to kill every child with autism in the womb.

"A medical review from 2002 of elective abortions in the UK and the US found that around 92 percent of all foetuses diagnosed with Down’s syndrome were aborted. In Denmark, medical experts estimate the rate of abortions to be even higher. "

92% in the U.K. and U.S.
An even higher rate of abortion for children with Down’s syndrome in Denmark.

That is Eugenics.

So, if Eugenics is supported by the EXTREME LEFT, well, that must mean that the extreme left are either behind eugenics behind the scenes, or else their message is resonating with people.

Again, that’s part of the reason that Liberals hated Sarah Palin. They viewed her autistic son as someone they would have killed. But, she gave birth to him because she is pro-life… that infuriates liberals.

Fascism is a far-right wing ideology

Communism is left-wing, fascism is right-wing. Hitler hated the communists

Sadly there is some truth that neo-fascist and extreme nationalist movements do have some support in certain parts of Russia. Although the youngsters who support them and often idealise the Nazis must be real eejits you have to think as all they have to do is look back 65 years or so to see 20 million plus of their countrymen’s fate in the Great Patriotic War. But sadly that is ancient history to some of these kids who are disenfranchised and disillusioned. As yet they represent a minority and most youngsters in Russia are far more aware of the sacrifices of their grandparents and great grandparents generation than is the case in the UK. But these groups tend to spring up in cities where immigration has been strong in recent years, especially immigration from former Soviet Republics and especially where said immigrants are visibly different from the locals.

And China Hated the USSR-does that mean China was not Communist? The idea that fascism is a right wing ideology was born of the liberal mantra that all that is evil springs from the right, Facism is evil, therefore facism is a right wing ideology

Yup THATS why liberals hate Sarah Palin. It certainly has nothing to with her far right fiscal policies or her lack of qualification to be President of the United States.

We hate her because we wish her autistic child had been aborted! What an intelligent and informed statement!


It’s about three years too late for liberals to start being concerned about whether a candidate is qualified to be president or not.

The idea that the left hates conservatives is just paranoia propagated by anti-liberal conservatives. People like myself honestly couldn’t care less if you’re conservative. We just simply disagree with your viewpoints. Communism is regarded as left-wing, so the idea that people associate evil with right-wing ideology is therefore untrue. As you know, communism was the most hated thing from after WWII until the fall of the Soviet Union

That is so untrue. People like me are opposed to Sarah Palin because we don’t agree with her political views. I won’t deny that some people do think she should have aborted her child, but that’s not most people.

Lol youre joking right? Lets see what Mao had to say about Stalin:

“Stalin is the leader of world revolution. This is of paramount importance. It is a great event that mankind is blessed with Stalin. Since we have him, things can go well. As you all know, Marx is dead and so are Engels and Lenin. Had there been no Stalin, who would be there to give directions? But having him –this is really a blessing. Now there exist in the world a Soviet Union, a Communist Party and also a Stalin. Thus, the affairs of the world can go well. We must hail him, we must support him, and we must learn from him. … We must learn from him in two respects: his theory and his work.”

Oh the hatred!

China and the USSR’s relationship only began to crumble post 1953 when the USSR made major Capitalist reforms.

And no China was not Communist. Communism is defined as a stateless, classless society in which the means of production are operated democratically. There was none of this in China.

Good try

Koch brothers care about their own money, FOX News always praises business and attacks the Muppets and Cars 2 for being anti-corporation, and George Bush gave huge tax cuts to the richest Americans. Yes, you have covered it all

Ooh is that an Obama reference? Because i think he is not qualified either

I actually applaud her for keeping her child but that is a totally seperate issue for my regard her as a politican. Although ultimately she is not a political figure in my nation.

Although, no one can attack him for lack of executive experience anymore because now that he has been President, he has more executive experience than any of the other Republican candidates. Unless George H.W. Bush makes a comeback, Obama is more experienced executively than any of the Republicans

Yeah but upon entering the Oval Office, he had only two years of Senate experience…Plus hes a corporate whore like every other politician lol

In other words: It’s Bush’s Fault ™

Actually, feudalism is more right wing. Fascism is corporate national statism, so it is left wing. NAZIism is national socialism, so it is left wing. Communism is INTERnational socialism, so it is left wing. The only difference between communism and naziism is the scope.

Its hard to count the two years in the Senate as two years, since he launched his campaign for President in 2007. Give him…18 months. ANd what grand accomplishments did he have as a junior freshman Senator?

Well, there was…

and, how about the…

And don’t forget about…

There, that about does it.

Interesting that a thread about neo-Nazism in Germany becomes one about the preoccupations and terminology of American politics.


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